Three of Lawrence Bender’s Contributions to Film

6 Academy Awards and 29 nominations: these are the accolades of Lawrence Bender as a film producer. As a philanthropist, Lawrence Bender has been honored by his former university and by the ACLU. He was given an honorary degree from the University of Maine, where he previously earned a civil engineering degree, and he was awarded the Torch of Liberty by the ACLU.

Compared to other top Hollywood producers, Bender has an incredible resume of films. Not only has he worked with Tarantino on a majority of his career, Bender also worked with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck on their screenwriting debut. This film was Good WIll Hunting, an incredible film about a young genius who would rather his intelligence be kept secret than to have it flaunted. Robin Williams also stars in the moving, taking on the role of the therapist of the protagonist. The film obtained two Oscars. Robin Williams took home the award for Best Supporting Actor; Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were given Best Original Screenplay.

More recently, Lawrence Bender produced a television show for Netflix called Seven Seconds. The plot of this show tackles the controversial subject of police and racism. When a police officer, distracted by his cell phone, runs over a young black teenager, the racial turmoil in the town boils over. As the police struggle to cover up the hit and run accident, attempting to save their colleague from imprisonment, certain members of the community make an effort to uncover the truth.

Lawrence Bender also worked closely with Al Gore, the former Vice-President of the United States on two documentaries. These two documentaries tackle the subject of climate change and aims to educate the masses about the realities of the problem. The first film, An Inconvenient Truth, did outstanding at the box office despite the fact that documentaries normally do not have theatrical releases.