Healthy fast food choices

Healthy fast food choices

In recent years, Subway has ran an ad campaign claiming to be the healthiest option that you can find in the fast food industry. Speaking from a general perspective and looking at low carb fast food, this might not be completely true. In fact, according to Food Babe, Subway still uses a plastic chemical in their bread! So now that Subway is out of the picture, which healthy fast food choices should we turn to?


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Gluten Free Fast Food Options

Gluten Free Fast Food Options


Gluten free fast food options

Burger King has a menu catering to gluten-free fast food options

Many restaurants are starting to incorporate gluten-free menus. This is good news for those with gluten insensitivity – but always keep in mind that there is a chance of cross-contamination, so eat at these restaurants at your own risk! Not all restaurants have gluten free fast food options, but some have menus dedicated to the pursuit! Read more

Healthy fast food options – top 5

Our top 5 healthy fast food options

If you’re looking for plain healthy fast food options, you might feel limited. But do not despair! There are plenty of choices, and sometimes in the last place you think. The criteria for this top 5 was that not only did it have to be healthy, it also had to be tasty. Read more

Low sodium fast food and what to watch out for

How can you keep a low sodium fast food diet?

Fast food is prepared in a lot of nasty methods which are harmful to the body. Though I know this won’t stop you from eating your favorite meals, I offer other solutions to keep enjoying what you love to eat, similar to what I talked about in other articles. The secret to cutting back on sodium is moderation!

low sodium fast food

The Jack in the Box healthy menu still has tons of sodium.

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Fast food addiction – just how real is it?

Fast food addiction has become a popular buzzword

Addiction has become a very powerful word, and it seems everyone has something they are addicted to. According to a post on the Mind Unleashed, junk food works “exactly like drugs” and that it’s programmed to be addictive. Processed food is terrible for the body, that we know – but does it increase cravings in the body? According to Dr. Kesseler in his book (affiliate) The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite it does. But does that mean it’s an addiction?

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Low carb fast food – dieting with minimal compromise

Low carb fast food and the power of knowledge

The cheapest and fastest way to eat is to drive up and order through a cramped window. As you already know, it is also the unhealthiest way to eat. Many people are now turning to low carb fast food options in order to maintain a lifestyle that consists of a busy schedule and little money.

The best tool a consumer can have is knowledge. Many fast food restaurants focus on customization and allow patrons to completely change their meal, removing certain ingredients and adding new ones. Let’s take a look at McDonalds and use their nutrition tool to show exactly what I mean. Read more

The Waffle Taco, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Carbs

Taco Bell’s breakfast still has no healthy fast food options

This morning, Taco Bell announced its plans to take its breakfast menu national. Last night we published an article about healthy fast food breakfast choices and decided that Taco Bell doesn’t provide good any good healthy fast food options. What can Taco Bell change about the breakfast menu in order to attract health conscious customers? Read more

Fast food places that deliver, is it a myth?

It’s hard to find fast food places that deliver

If you’re like me, some days you don’t feel like going out of the house, especially when you have the day off or are working on an important project at home. Once you get sick of pizza, what other real options do you have? One can only eat Pizza Hut or Papa John’s so many times. I’m starting to get an aversion to pizza just from the amount I’ve eaten. There has to be more fast food places that deliver, right? Read more

Low calorie fast food? More like lowest calorie fast food!

What are some ways to eat low calorie fast food? How do I eat the lowest calorie fast food diet possible?

Continuing our trend of cutting back and eating healthy, we turn away from bad carbs and now turn our attention to another criminal; calories. There are good calories and there are bad ones – the good calories come from natural resources such as vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. These calories are packed with nutrients and are necessary for our body to be healthy. Bad calories include sugars and other things that come from processed food, which contain no nutritional value and just store fat. The best option to enjoy low calorie fast food is to find out which components of your meal cause problems and remove them. With this method, you can still enjoy the foods you love. Read more

Healthy fast food breakfast: Make it work

A healthy fast food breakfast seems contradictory, but can it work?

They say breakfast is the most important meal. For most people, it’s the first taste of food that wakes them up in the morning, providing a foundation for the energy they need to get through the day. Studies have shown that a good breakfast can help motivate and push people, where skipping breakfast leads to a lack of energy.

We once again return to the realm of fast food, where one might stop at on the way to work to get a quick bite to eat. Starting at the most popular destination, let’s look at McDonald’s and see what they have to offer for breakfast. Read more