FreedomPop’s New Finances

Having finances in order is a good way to make sure a company can have a long lasting future. In the case of FreedomPop, this may have solidified their future for quite some time.

FreedomPop, which is a cellphone service application that markets itself as being low cost, has reached a financial milestone, after raising upwards of $50 million in a fundraiser just this past January. This comes after the company had already raised $30 million in a fundraiser from the previous year.

FreedomPop’s main purpose is to offer phone and data plans at a much less expensive rate than most other phone service carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. With the success of their latest fundraiser, the company now has the option of offering low local rates for data, a huge difference from other carriers that charge higher roaming fees. As of right now, FreedomPop’s service in the United States runs through Sprint’s network and European Carrier Three in the United Kingdom.

Speaking of other countries, FreedomPop has just recently started offering international service that operates in places such as France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. The company has also announced plans to expands its business service to at least 40 countries by the end of 2016, with Asia and Latin America being the key target for those goals.

Stephen Stokols, the CEO of FreedomPop, reiterated that the company was successfully able to offer low prices in these respective countries and that the speed for internet connections was much faster than those of other carriers. He also mentioned that the app will be used as a hotspot available in different areas and users will be able to purchase up to 500 megabytes of data for $10. He added that the fundraisers should help with improving customer support.

FreedomPop Raises Another $50 Million to Offer Cheap Global Roaming for World Travelers

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The Career of Fortress Investment Group Principal Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a finance professional who has spent over a decade in managerial and executive roles. He is among the top executives of the financial services firm Fortress Investment Group. At this firm, he is one of the key members of its leadership team. Prior to working at Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger spent a number of years at the well known firm Goldman Sachs. He would also hold a top management position at this firm as well. Over the course of his career, Peter would make valuable contributions to these firms by providing sound management and strategy to help them achieve a number of their specific goals.

When looking to begin his career in finance, Peter Briger first completed a higher education. He would attend two Ivy League colleges which would provide him with distinguished credentials. Briger first attended Princeton University as an undergraduate. While attending Princeton, Peter would work towards and eventually complete a bachelor’s degree. After completing his bachelor’s degree at Princeton University, Peter would then go on to attend graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania. At this institution, he would earn a master’s degree in business administration from the renowned Wharton School of Business. These educational credentials would help lead to lucrative opportunities in the field of finance for Peter.

Shortly after completing his MBA degree, Peter would attain employment at Goldman Sachs. At this firm, he would participate in building the firm’s presence in Asia. He would oversee the team that managed credit securities. Peter Briger would provide sound leadership and help make this department one of the strongest in the firm. His leadership abilities would pay off as Peter would eventually become a partner of the firm in the year 1996. This allowed him to attain one of the highest positions of management at Goldman Sachs.

In the early 2000’s, Peter would move on to pursue an opportunity at Fortress Investment Group. Shortly after getting hired by this firm, he would join the management committees. He would also be named as the co chief executive officer and the principal. Similar to his experience at Goldman Sachs, Peter would oversee and lead the credit securities department of the firm.

Felipe Montoro Jens and The Ventures He Is In That Boost Brazil’s Business Environment

Passion accepts no limits from those that it has inspired to create their own work or start their own company. This may very well be what can be said about the passionate work of Felipe Montoro Jens. This is the path that he treads as he navigates in a career that is centered both in public and private ventures.

One of the recent activities today of Mr. Jens is the one where he joined in one of the most significant governor’s meetings in the industry today. It is there that Jens helped decide which strategy would work best for Brazil and which ones would have to be avoided. Mr. Jens was also joined by Minister Dyogo Oliveira in making sure that the right strategies in the industry are set in place. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

In the meeting, there was significant push for the right private investments that would boost the most productive jobs for the industry. Private infrastructure projects are necessary for the jobs to reach the right people and for institutions to train the right people for these jobs. Brazil has still so much untapped potential, and Jens believes that with the right push and strategies, such pool of talent will then be leveraged.

Jens also reported that the President of the Inter-American Development Bank, Luis Alberto Moreno, is also optimistic in looking for the right programs that would shape the country to its best lean form. Latin America also demands more infrastructure convergence in order to generate the kind of environment that’s conducive to any type of investment. With the current trend of Public-Private Partnerships today in public works in Brazil, this goal of attaining the best lean shape for the country in terms of job generation will soon be a realized dream. The Ministry of Planning, Development and Management also offered loans for Brazilian companies in order to address this demand for jobs. Visit their websites:

Juan “OG” Perez Roc Boy

Juan “OG” Perez; Roc nations longtime friend and business partner is one of the Hip-Hop icon JAY Z’s best friends. When they hit the streets, the world watches as they have celebrated their many accomplishments together in lavish boss style. “OG” Juan Perez is the President of Roc-La-Familia a sublabel under Rock-A-Fella Records which includes Reggaeton artists and international music. Although Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is the founder and CEO of the company, over the years, Juan “OG” Perez has been steering it through its successful international ventures with outstanding results.

Born and raised in Harlem New York, Juan “OG” Perez attended school in Manhattans Upper West Side. Being born and raised in New York eventually led him to be introduced to JAY Z in 1996 through Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke, all of them instantly becoming lifetime friends. Since then they have become business partners in multiple ventures\, from music to real estate ventures and sports bars. They both own many sports bars and lounges around New York City, the first being “The 40/40 Club”, which was one of their most successful club ventures, expanding to five new location since it opened. In his early years in the music industry Juan “OG” Perez was the owner of Baseline Studios based in New York, which furthered his experience in business and music, leading him to become apart of Roc-A-Fella records eventually.

Over time of being seen together continually making business moves, Jay-Z and Juan “OG” Perez received the nickname Roc Boys, as they have been great influences in each industry from business, to music, to even sports. Their equal love for sports, lead them to create “Roc Nation Sports” in 2013 which was yet another successful extension of Roc Nation as the brand grew immensely in support of athletes and artists everywhere.

Tips from Upwork: Revamp Your To-Do List!

Upwork is a website that allows freelancers and clients to match and work in a virtual setting. It caters to web developers, writers, salespeople, and many more that look for freelancing gigs. They have a few tips for those who need to overhaul their to-do list for better productivity.

Write it Now

If you have things on your mind, the best way to keep your productivity flowing is to write what you are thinking about on paper, or in an app. If it is something you have to do later, getting it out of your head will help you focus on the now.

Be Prepared

Working on your to-do list in the morning is an energy-waster. Plan a few minutes before bed, so you can use your high-energy mornings for the work that is high-priority.

Use One Tool

Decide if you will use an app or pen and paper. Most people use an app these days because they always have access to a smartphone. Everything should be in one app or on one list.

Time and Priorities: Label It!

You can tag, label or color code your priorities. This will help you focus your energy toward the tasks that you have the energy to complete. You can also list how long a task will take or when you should start/finish the task. The more details you add to a task, the more it will fit into your schedule.

Evaluate Your Procrastination

If you are procrastinating because of a specific task, take a few minutes to decide if you need to delegate or get rid of the task all together. If you need to do the task, get it done as a high priority task, so you can move on.

Break Up Tasks

If you have a big project or task, make it less intimidating by separating it into steps. This can help you feel less pressure and get the job done faster.

Watch Your Energy

Match high-energy levels with high-priority tasks. Low priority tasks should be completed when you can be tired and still get them done.


Adam Milstein Leading in Philanthropic Services in Israel

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American philanthropist and a real estate investor. Apart from that, Adam Milstein is also a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel in the year 1952. He began his formal education at the Technion Institute of Technology. Milstein has also served in the Israeli Defense Forces by being part of the Yom Kippur War. He and his wife Gila are the co-founders of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This foundation provides charitable and philanthropic services. Adam Milstein’s charitable services include partnership development, consulting, and fundraising in order to ensure that programs within the Jewish education, pro-Israel advocacy, and Jewish continuity are supported. Adam always participated in active philanthropy and in the year 2000, he officially established the foundation.

Milstein has been writing a lot on Jewish-American and Israeli social issues, and one of his most recent articles is on identifying today’s anti-Semitic activities and eradicating them. Adam says that such things arise from Muslim organizations like jihadists and Muslim brotherhood which want to ruin Israel by spreading malicious propaganda on how it is an illegitimate state. He records that the Jewish-American need to immensely use technology and other social media platforms to condemn these groups and organizations. Adam Milstein also urges them to take part in political processes to enforce laws like Taylor Force Act which has strengthened the ties between US and Israel.

Milstein is a philanthropist who has continued to fight for the welfare of the Jews by helping them understand the role of expatriate Israelis in the world. He has also fought for the return of affected Israelis living in the US to come back to their Jewish communities. Adam Milstein also wants everyone to understand why Israel should be backed up and supported unconditionally because its the unifying source. And lastly, Milstein is optimistic to enlighten hope to young people about the future of Israel and challenges them to embrace their identity as part of Israel.

Organo Gold Products Work Magic for Consumers

Organo Gold is a product of a company called Organo that was founded in the year 2008 and has its headquarters in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The company has a variety of products which comprise of coffees and teas as well as individual care items. Organo Gold Coffee is the most famous product of the Organo Company which operates in 45 different countries globally. View Organo Gold’s profile on The reason the coffee is unique is that it is manufactured using a traditional Chinese Fungus called Ganoderma lucidum. The fact that it is not all about consuming coffee, but healthy coffee means that a lot of people appreciate these products as they have a positive effect in their bodies like losing weight and boosting of the immune system. Additionally, it is believed to provide antioxidants and increase energy levels which is something people seek and cannot find it in other similar products. The coffee also does not have any fillers which again makes it unique considering the level of nutrients it contains.


Organo Gold black coffee has health benefits such as prevention of cancer considering that it contains Ganoderma lucidum which assists the body to fight the development of cancer cells. The probability of a tumor to grow becomes minimized upon consumption of this coffee as the immune system also becomes strengthened. Oxygen and blood flow in the heart as well become improved by Ganoderma lucidum which facilitates cardiovascular health. Stroke as well and issues related to blood pressure become controlled with the consumption of the Organo Gold products mostly the black coffee. Other health issues that are catered for by these products include stress, hypertension, and fibroids as well as alcoholism and bronchitis. Organo Gold, therefore, has a variety of products that are helpful to the consumers in an all way round and helps them stay healthy and take care of already existing health issues. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Sussex Healthcare Succeeds in Improving Adult Care

For over two decades, Sussex Healthcare has provided services aimed at improving the lives of adults. It also targets enhancing the lives of the seniors who need special care. Together with England’s care homes at the southern coast, the Group has ventured into diverse expertise and backgrounds to offer quality care.

The company’s successful operations

Since the facility was founded in 1985, it has been operating over 20 homes including self-contained housing, modern gym, and a daycare unit for the elderly. The facility also runs live-in centers that are aimed towards improving the lives of patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s as well as those suffering from neurological and cognitive disorders. The healthcare provider also takes care of people who have limited and extensive health care.

The healthcare provider has a competent support team and skilled staff who are well-trained and are devoted to ensuring that the patients they treat have the best experience. The features of the management include competitive compensation, continuous education, and training. The care services offered by the company are usually challenging to come by because of the increasing population. The elderly population is currently witnessing issues that require elaborate healthcare attention; Sussex Healthcare has offered care as soon as they are required to do so.

The company also offers palliative care to the terminally and chronically ill patients. The specialists in the company facilities have all received End of Life training through the Gold Standard Framework. Thus, the experts can adopt a compassionate pain management approach when dealing with the patients.

The company’s motivation

The philosophy that Sussex Healthcare bases its success is the idea that good health involves more than just living without diseases. With a proposed inclusive lifestyle, which acknowledges the relevance of social, recreation and leisure undertakings, the facility focuses on crucial health factors that enhance well-being and health. The care homes managed by Sussex Healthcare also offer clients a unique environment, which enhances healthy involvement in recreational activities. Over the decades, the Group’s leadership has contributed to its success. Shiraz Boghani who has experience in the hospitality industry and Shafik Sachedina who is a dentist by profession, have both enabled the Sussex Healthcare to remain competent.

Herbalife at the Forefront of Nutrition

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for overall health. A key element in this mission is establishing patterns that produce a healthy body weight. In America, obesity rates are increasing and Americans are slowly becoming more concerned with nutrition. Watching what you eat can help your body be more healthy. During day-to-day activities, many Americans find themselves extremely busy. Is becoming increasingly common for Americans to seek out quick alternatives in regards to food. This pattern leads to the consumption of more fast food in a typical American diet. Most fast food items tend to be packed with more calories than food prepared at home. Another problem is the fact that consumers lack a clear idea of what exactly is in their food. This leads to a lack of information on exactly how many calories, fat, or cholesterol they are consuming.


An article provided on Herbalife site talks about a new solution that may be available to Americans looking to watch what they eat. As of May 2018 chain restaurants across America will be required to have calorie counts listed on the menu. By having calorie counts readily accessible to their customer’s consumers can make better choices and what they choose to eat. Unfortunately, these calorie counts are only estimated as variation is typical in these environments. However, they are significantly better than the guessing game consumers have had to play in the past. The website on Herbalife advises that people watching what they eat should do everything they can together’s much information as possible. They also believe that people should use as much common sense as possible when it comes to nutrition.


Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes. The company originated in 1980 and has grown exponentially since then. Herbalife currently estimates that they employ about 8000 people across the world and they boast net sales of $4.488 billion as of 2016. The company also has 3.2 million independent distributors. Herbalife is organized in a direct selling multilevel marketing model. Mark Hughes began the company in February 1980 by selling weight management products from the trunk of his car. His earliest product was a protein shake. The establishment of Herbalife was inspired by the early death of Mark Hughes’s mother. He claims that her unhealthy approach to weight management inspired him. He also believes that she developed an eating disorder in order to address weight loss.


Learning to Invest to Gain Financial Fitness

Learning to invest is a critical step in the journey toward financial independence and fiscal fitness. But the process of learning to invest can present a sizable challenge to individuals who have never made an investment before. Investing can help individuals to establish a positive financial presence, increases their annual income sizably, and avoid some of the common pitfalls associated with debt relationships. If you’re interested in learning about investment to gain financial fitness, here are several tips that will help you navigate the modern investment world.


Make investments that you understand.

New comers to the investment industry often make the mistake of investing in companies and ideas that they don’t fully understand because they find investment opportunities generally difficult to think through. This is a mistake. If an investment opportunity is difficult to understand, take a meeting with a financial investment company such Infinity Group Australia. On their webpage, Infinity Group Australia reviews show that this company offers expert advise regarding investment strategies and diversification. By meeting with financial experts, individuals can ensure that they are not entering into poorly grafted agreements with investment companies.


Don’t begin by diversifying your investments.

Any reputable financial advisor would support the claim that diversification is important to long term investment strategy. Many people are aware of the benefits of diversification but this strategy should not be the focal point of a beginner’s investment plan. Begin to make investments by focusing on the establishment of solid deals and with consistent profit margins. Attempting to diversify accounts in the beginning of the investment journey can lead to overzealous strategies and financial ruin.


Seek the counsel of financial advisors who understand investment strategy.

Seeking advise from financial advisors is a key step in developing investment accounts. Because beginners don’t generally understand the ins and outs of investment strategy, it is largely beneficial to gather expert advise and make practical applications with it.


Put your experience and mistakes to good use for future investment opportunities.

Finally, a person considering an investment journey should not take minor mistakes too seriously. Everyone makes mistakes when investing for the first time and these mistakes should be anticipated by the beginner. The important aspect of investment strategy is learning to recuperate losses and apply the lessons learned during the first few years of investment to future deals. Generally, investors with at least five years of experience have gained important knowledge that will help them to remain successful. Learn more:


The Contributions And Goals Of Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot is an experienced clinician and hospital executive with a BSN, MBA and PhD. She is a leader in bundled payments and payment reform innovations in the healthcare industry. She designs and implements strategies for hospitals to decrease costs while improving the clinical outcomes and patient experiences. This has resulted in savings for hospitals and physicians. She is an advisor for several health system boards and serves Medicare and Medicaid as a bundled payment expert.

Deirdre Baggot has earned national recognition for her work on bundled payments in the medical field. She has been the keynote speaker for the American Heart Association, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, American College of Healthcare Executives, Bundled Payment Summit, Medtronic, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Bundled Payment Congress, Pay-for-Performance Summit, SAS and the Innovation Summit. She has written papers regarding bundled payments, healthcare reform and payment transformation. She appeared as an expert on Planet Money, National Public Radio’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Read more at to learn more.

In 2012, Deirdre Baggot was appointed by CMS as an expert reviewer for Bundled Payments. She served the Acute Care Episode by leading the bundled payment demonstration and had a leadership role in academic healthcare for two prominent hospitals for ten years. She is extremely well educated and holds several degrees. The checklist she once used for patients is very similar to the care protocols adopted by America to ensure quality care while reducing excess treating and testing.

Ms. Baggot spent fifteen years attending conferences and meetings, creating checklists, meeting deadlines and prioritizing her work. She conducts a lot of research to bring any idea to life and works with an excellent team. She believes in wearables because a third of all deaths occurring in the United States after cancer and heart disease are caused by medical errors. She wants patients to act as healthcare consumers. She believes if people are accountable and engaged regarding their healthcare it will be much safer. She is extremely passionate about healthcare and this is the reason she devotes her time to the field. She believes in working harder than anyone else in the room and always tells everything exactly the way it is.

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