FreedomPop’s New Finances

Having finances in order is a good way to make sure a company can have a long lasting future. In the case of FreedomPop, this may have solidified their future for quite some time.

FreedomPop, which is a cellphone service application that markets itself as being low cost, has reached a financial milestone, after raising upwards of $50 million in a fundraiser just this past January. This comes after the company had already raised $30 million in a fundraiser from the previous year.

FreedomPop’s main purpose is to offer phone and data plans at a much less expensive rate than most other phone service carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. With the success of their latest fundraiser, the company now has the option of offering low local rates for data, a huge difference from other carriers that charge higher roaming fees. As of right now, FreedomPop’s service in the United States runs through Sprint’s network and European Carrier Three in the United Kingdom.

Speaking of other countries, FreedomPop has just recently started offering international service that operates in places such as France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. The company has also announced plans to expands its business service to at least 40 countries by the end of 2016, with Asia and Latin America being the key target for those goals.

Stephen Stokols, the CEO of FreedomPop, reiterated that the company was successfully able to offer low prices in these respective countries and that the speed for internet connections was much faster than those of other carriers. He also mentioned that the app will be used as a hotspot available in different areas and users will be able to purchase up to 500 megabytes of data for $10. He added that the fundraisers should help with improving customer support.

FreedomPop Raises Another $50 Million to Offer Cheap Global Roaming for World Travelers

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Success With USHEALTH Group

Randy Hildebrandt was like most people who yearn for something more for themselves and their families. His dream was to work hard and become a major talent in baseball like his idol Nolan Ryan. After pursuing the sport and not getting to where he wanted to be, Randy decided to take another approach. It was this desire for more that lead him to his current path of success.

Randy went on to majoring in business and economics at A&M University as a way to start a professional career. He also took up bartending as a way to make enough cash to sustain himself. This route soon left him unfulfilled and desiring something more to inspire and motivate him. He took a risk and put his resume on the popular job websites and waited it out.

The job he received was about 200 miles away from his hometown, which was hard for him but he stuck with it in order to better himself. He wisely sought out a mentor who was successful at his job and began to study his methods. With this approach, Randy started seeing results and more opportunities began to open up for him. It was shortly after that he joined USHEALTH Advisor as a Satellite Division Leader.

USHEALTH Advisors and Troy McQuagge are the brains behind the mission of HOPE. HOPE stands for Helping Other People Everyday and this is exactly what Troy and his team have dedicated their lives to do. USHEALTH works diligently to provide tangible assistance to those who need it including children. HOPEKids is the branch that provides this care to children which includes donations such as clothes and shoes.

Randy Hildebrandt along with USHEALTH Group,TroyMcQuagge and the team at HOPE are just the people who truly understand what it means to be the change they want to see in the world. All it take to make a change is determination and a little bit of hope. For more information on the organization and all that they do for the community, be sure to take a look at the USHEALTH Group website. More information can be found at


Steps To Choosing A Financial Institution For Your Needs

Nexbank is a leading regional bank in Dallas, Texas. This reliable bank has been providing top quality services for years and has numerous satisfied customers.

Nexbank is pleased to announce it is a supporter of the Dallas Women’s Foundation. Through a gift of $100,000, NexBank will support and encourage the foundation in advancing women’s economic security and leadership.

If you are on the lookout for a financial institution that delivers high quality services to customers and clients, then check out Nexbank right away.

Selecting a bank for your personal or business needs is an important step in reaching your financial goals. Choosing the right bank will help strengthen your finances, while selecting the wrong one can have a negative or devastating impact on your financial situation. It is advisable to consider factors such as reputation and quality of service when deciding which financial institution to select.

Before you select a bank, be sure to understand the various options that are available to you, and then go with one that suits you best.

Review their fees and loan terms to be sure they are reasonable. Whether you are interested in getting a bank account for short term or long term needs, Nexbank gives you access to the services and features you need to achieve your goals.

Some consumers and entrepreneurs prefer to have their bank accounts, certificates of deposit, credit cards and loans, at a single bank. Others choose to open accounts at different financial institutions to take advantage of reasonable rates and fees.

At Nexbank consumers can have multiple accounts and still have access to affordable or reasonable fees and rates on loans, credit cards and other financial products and services. You can also personalize your financial services and products according to your needs.

When it comes to convenience, Nexbank offers Internet banking, allowing you to do your transactions from anywhere there’s a computer with Internet access. This will save you tremendous amount of time and is hassle free. You can transfer funds, check your account balance, and view your statements.

USHEALTH Advisors’ good news to Self-Employed Citizens

Being one of the largest limited liability companies in the United States of America, the USHEALTH Group is fashioned to run its activities in a synchronized and smooth manner. This smooth operating system is essentially facilitated by the existence of various arms that specialize in different fields in order to give the customers high-end and quality services.

A particularly important arm of this Company is its Marketing Arm, popularly known as the USHEALTH Advisors. This arm plays an indispensable role in running the company’s activities and selling the company’s brand. USHEALTH Advisors propagate this uphill task by publishing and marketing health coverage plans that are insured by USHEALTH Group in conjunction with its family of insurance companies.

USHEALTH Advisors Location

USHEALTH Advisors is located at 2563 SW Grapevine Pkwy Grapevine, TX 76051-7072. It has a myriad of subsidiaries that are based in several states within the United States. Some of these subsidiaries include National Foundation Life Insurance and The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.

USHEALTH Advisors Insurance

As aforementioned, the USHEALTH Group is a conglomeration of Insurance companies that are dedicated to serving the diverse needs of the healthcare market. It is an undeniable fact that the costs of healthcare have rapidly increased over the past few years and a remedy had to be found in order to mitigate the citizens’ expenditure on healthcare. USHEALTH Advisor, therefore, targets the self-employed citizens of America and small business owners.

It is quite remarkable how the company has stayed in the market for close to 40 years providing insurance services to the American citizens. The Insurance provided by this company can be elaborately described to be a form of innovative compensation. This is with regard to the fact that they advance on a percentage of business commissions periodically thus making it possible for their agents to earn significantly high salaries.

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USHEALTH Advisors Salary

Agents of USHEALTH Advisors in the United States get pretty handsome incomes. Insurance Agents earn up to $97,366 annually whereas a Licenced Agent earns approximately $73,762 per year. Moreover, other officials such as Marketing Representatives earn a salary of up to $75,000 every year.

The USHEALTH Group is definitely the blueprint of successful Insurance Companies in the United States as it provides Insurance services to self-employed Americans with specified diseases or accidents. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at


Luiz Carlos Trabuco, President Of Bradesco Changes In Leadership

There have been a lot of changes to the leadership of Banco Bradesco SA. This is the second most valuable bank in the country of Brazil. The current president has been there for more than twenty five years and is one of the oldest living bank chairman in the world. At the age of ninety one there have been a lot of changes in Bradesco under the leadership of Lazaro de Mello Brandao.

He is going to be replaced with the notable executive Luiz Carlos Trabuco. As a chief executive officer he has created steadfast changes in the way that infrastructure are able to operate.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has played an influential part in the way that the organization works for more than 40 years. He has a long reputation with the company having started there when he was only sixteen years old. He has eventually risen in order to become the chairman of Bradesco and is one of few people who has experience as a CEO in the company. He has worked well with international leaders throughout the banking industry.

The bank and their board has been most interested in the way that continuity takes place throughout leadership. They have developed some of the most prestigious standards of operation over the years are have cultivated lasting standards of implementation that are unique. The best employees at Bradesco have been there for years and the decision for resignation has come as a surprise to most.

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There has been a steady system of development as the importance of leadership has been cultivated throughout the organization. Brandao has made a big difference in the way that the organization is viewed by the public. The sense of culture and management that he has propagated has been vital to the successive changes taking place in recent years. The way that Bradesco will continue to develop is highly characteristic of this type of leadership. The future of this company will be greatly determined through the unique way that leadership figures are selected.

Some of the most influential executives and public figures have been identified in order to make the best decision. A few changes have been made in order to accommodate the unique standards of operation. For example, laws governing the age of the CEOs have been improved increasing from sixty five to sixty seven. This has allowed for a significant shift in leadership to take place at a slower pace. It has also allowed for better practices in the way that Brazil offers viable options for the future of Bradesco.

There are a lot of people who are being considered for executive roles in the company. This is based on the way that leadership has traditionally been selected from within. The benefits of this strategy are that the person will have experience in the way that the organization operates in order to facilitate a smooth transition.

According to Mauricio Machado de Minas is fifty eight years old and has been an influential part of the banking industry at large. His expertise has been particularly notable in areas of information technology and similar departments. There are several spin off organizations that he has also been a part of relating to the way that digital currencies are established and dispersed.

Another notable candidate is Alexandre da Silva Gluher. He is fifty seven and is an important manager as well as administrative leader. He has made a lot of contributions to the way that the most recent HSBC acquisition has taken place. This acquisition is considered one of the largest in the history of banking around the world. Valued at more than five billion dollars it is clear that there are a lot of strengths that Gluher has brought to the organization.

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Jason Hope Focusing on Philanthropy and Biotechnology Research

Jason Hope is one of the most noted futurists, serial entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, based in the United States. As a serial tech entrepreneur, Jason Hope has been associated with many different tech ventures in the past. It has helped him gain considerable wealth over a period. Jason Hope has done his graduation in Engineering from the Arizona State University and completed his MBA from the famous WP Carey School of Business. As someone who has complete faith in the power of technology and possibilities that research in the sector of technology and biology can achieve, Jason Hope continues to fund many research program as well as tech start-ups. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging
Jason Hope keeps a close watch on what new technologies are being invented and the advances in the field of biotechnology. In the area of rejuvenation biotechnology, a lot of progress is happening lately, and it is primarily due to the effort made by SENS Research Foundation. It is one of the leading research foundations in the area of anti-aging research and enhancing the lifespan of the human beings. The SENS Research Foundation was funded by Jason Hope with a donation of $500,000 in the year 2010, and since then Jason Hope has made several other contributions. It has allowed the SENS Research Foundation to build their laboratory at Cambridge. Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era

Jason Hope believes in the research being conducted at SENS Research Foundation. Jason Hope says that the study at SENS Research Foundation is not only focused on increasing the lifespan of the human beings but is also focused on improving the overall quality of life. Many degenerative diseases are causing people a lot of health issues and are forcing early aging on them. Jason Hope, as a skilled futurist and a visionary, believes that when research is done on a cellular level, it just might be possible to get around these health issues. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging
Jason Hope is not only focused on biotechnology research but has also been keeping a close watch on the tech industry and how it has been evolving in the last few years. One of the technologies that he has been writing about a lot lately, and has also written a book on is the Internet of Things technology. It is a technology that Jason Hope feels would be replacing many of the consumer, business, and management technology that we know of and use on a daily basis, in the near future. Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

GoBuySide and Superior Recruitment Assistance

GoBuySide describes a sophisticated platform that focuses on both networking and recruitment. It accommodates the needs of a broad array of organizations as well. These include consulting agencies, investment banks, hedge funds and even private equity companies. It’s an international recruitment network that caters to investment supervisors, large corporations and more. GoBuySide takes advantage of first-rate technological advancements. Its staff members have the ability to effectively assess job-seekers who show promise.

GoBuySide accommodates the requirements of more than 400 distinct clients at this time. These clients turn to the company for all kinds of human capital requirements. GoBuySide is at the helm of a network that includes 10,000 plus businesses. This network covers 500 plus cities located all around the globe as well. It’s tended to people in diverse cities in nations like the United States, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Chile, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, China, Japan and India. GoBuySide has aided 16 different nations around the planet. It has assisted 52 dazzling cities, too.

Project consulting is a helpful service that’s accessible through GoBuySide. The company employs technology that gives investment agencies the power to locate high-quality job candidates. GoBuySide has numerous talent options that can tend to businesses large and small. It’s able to respond to all kinds of consulting requests and wishes. GoBuySide can come in handy for businesses that are looking to complete all varieties of projects. The firm regularly assists businesses that need market research help. GoBuySide understands competitive assessments, entry preparations and more. GoBuySide concentrates on the establishment of businesses. Its staff members are well-versed in presentation development, business preparations and beyond. It doesn’t matter if a specific client is considering selling or expanding something. GoBuySide can help in a significant way. GoBuySide can aid businesses that are enthusiastic about gathering necessary capital. It can aid businesses that are eager to manage things efficiently and in a methodical way, too.

GoBuySide has a modern and speedy website that teaches people all about the organization and how it operates. People can find out more about the company by looking at its social media accounts as well. GoBuySide is on Facebook and Twitter. The New York, New York company has been a part of the latter social networking platform since the spring of 2012. It communicates with its followers by posting tweets that are clear, current and relevant. The GoBuySide crew posts updates that relate to subjects such as employee bonuses, blockchain technology and private credit. People who are searching for insight and clarity often follow GoBuySide on Twitter. They frequently “like” GoBuySide on Facebook. GoBuySide always strives to keep up with exciting social media developments and changes.

For more information follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

Talkspace Changing Mental Health

Today’s world provides so much updated technology allowing the world to be constantly at everyone’s fingertips. However, this constant communication isn’t always a positive. In fact, this added access to the internet could lead to a rise in depression. However, services such as Talkspace are working to change how we think about mental health. Talkspace offers a variety of online ways to communicate with a mental health professional, such as by video calls and through texting. There are a number of benefits; it’s more affordable than meeting in person and allows for more flexibility in arranging meetings. It also provides more privacy for those who may be concerned about being seen going to a counselor. Talkspace also aids in ending some of the stigmas associated with mental health treatment by making it more accessible and more normal.

Talkspace allows users to access counselors and mental health professionals on their own times. Clients can be contacted when it works with their schedules, such as via text during their morning commute on public transportation. This flexibility makes pursuing mental health care much more accessible to people in all walks of life.

One major benefit of Talkspace is getting matched with a therapist by someone who is trained to accomplish the task. Instead of searching on your own, or looking for the cheapest available in network provider, Talkspace pairs its clients with a therapist that is best suited to meet the needs of the client. Clients can also tell Talkspace about specific concerns they’re dealing with in order to be matched with an ideal therapist. By customizing the therapist to the patient, Talkspace allows its patients to receive optimum care from their therapists, all with the ease and flexibility of online and phone based care.

Subsidiaries Owned By Equities First Holdings

Al Christy, CEO, President and founder of Equities First Holdings, EFH in 2002, is also responsible for overseeing its wholly owned subsidiaries in nine countries. According to  the company provides securities based lending to businesses and investors. These funds allow for desired expansion.Since its inception,  reports  EFH has netted an estimated $1.4 billion in about 700 completed transactions through its nine subsidiaries. One such example cited by “Market Wired” in 2016, is the EFH Australia PTy LTd office lending $30 million in alternative financing to an environmental engineering company. Their goal is to carry out significant research and development of major environmental projects in India. Careful strategic planning underlies this company’s success.

USHealth Advisors Want Parents To Be Financially Stable In Today’s Time

One thing USHealth Advisors is known for is helping parents stay financially stable during today’s testing times. Parents, especially single parents, who apply for a job with USHealth Advisors will always receive an interview. Depending on where the parent lives, this interview may take place in person or via video chat. USHealth Advisors loves helping children, and giving parents comfortable paying jobs is one way they do this.

Parents who work for USHealth Advisors have the ability to work from home. They will be set up with a computer and any other hardware that is needed at no cost to them. The best part is that parents can make their own hours as long as they meet a certain required number of hours each week. This is all discussed during the interview. Follow USHealth Advisor on Twitter

Every new USHealth Advisors agent receives a tutor to show them how to make the most money possible. Tutors are will to work with parents. They understand children can be a handful, so they are sure to be available at all times of the day. In addition to this, parents/non-parent employees also receive over a dozen sick days and paid vacation time. Parents/non-parent employees can also earn bonuses by earning so many new clients each month. Many parents are living the life they always wanted due to USHealth Advisors. One of the highest paid parents made approximately one-million dollars in less than a 12 month period.

USHealth Advisors also has a program for employees called HOPE. This program is designed to get the entire family involved. HOPE searched for opportunities in the area of the employee. The entire family will then go and devote their time to the community. Opportunities may include playing bingo with the elderly, helping wounded veterans paint their home, and more. USHealth Advisors believes every employee should give back to their community, especially employees who have had exceptional success.

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The Mighty Fortress Church and The Churches of Minnesota

Minnesota is renowned for its plethora of beautiful, historic churches. One of the more modern churches is the Church of St. Columba in St. Paul. Built in 1950, it is best described as a “mixture” of architectural styles. The church is better known for its handsome, ornate interior.


Built in Winona in 1893, the Basilica of St. Stanislaus was the church home to the Polish immigrant community of the 1800s. The handsome red-brick house of worship presents a massive central dome, white steeples, and ornate stained-glass windows.


A former military outpost that was converted to a state park, the Ft. Snelling Veterans Chapel is used today as a non-denominational church featuring veteran’s memorials.


St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral in Minneapolis was constructed in the 1800s in the style of the Omsk Cathedral in Russia to serve the spiritual needs of Carpatho-Russian immigrants to the area.


Two more churches in the National Register of Historic Places are St. Clement’s Episcopal Church in St Paul and the Redeemer Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis. Both built around the turn of the century, the two historic buildings have each served as houses of worship for over a hundred years.


Standing proudly apart is the Mighty Fortress Church of Minneapolis, part of the Mighty Fortress Ministries International. Founded by Senior Pastor Bishop Thomas R. Williams, the Mighty Fortress Church offers fellowship, bible study, and weekly casual dress worship services.


Besides more than 30 years in the ministry, Bishop Williams acquired training and education from North Central University in Minneapolis, Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul, and Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Bishop Williams teaches and preaches a “solution theology” of support and empowerment through the realistic application of biblical principles. He believes that applying a combination of honesty, common sense, and biblical teachings will result in workable solutions to today’s problems.