Duda Melzer Founder of Grupo RBS

Duda Melzer has had a great career in various industries. He has worked hard to advance quickly in his career. After he graduated from school, he worked in the financial sector. He learned various aspects of managing a business during this time.

After working for several years, Duda Melzer decided to get an advanced business degree. He was accepted to Harvard Business School and graduated in 2002. During his time at Harvard, he learned valuable lessons about running a business. He also expanded his network to include prominent business leaders from around the world.

The Offer

Duda Melzer Founder worked hard in his career after leaving Harvard. He received a job offer to become the CEO of Grupo RBS. At the time, Grupo RBS was a struggling marketing company. Duda Melzer decided to accept the offer and quickly improved the company. Not only did he invest in the right areas, but he also increased morale.

Changing Strategies

Duda Melzer changed strategies to take Grupo RBS to a new level. Instead of focusing on traditional marketing, he started to invest in digital marketing. Digital marketing is more useful with young customers. Grupo RBS became a leader in the digital marketing industry. Check out clicrbs to see more.

Financial Planning

With his degree from Harvard, Duda Melzer has a strong foundation in managing the finances of a company. Grupo RBS had a ton of debt when he took over the company. He decided to pay down the debt to improve cash flow. Duda Melzer also created new products and services to increase revenue at the company. Follow his Twitter page.

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