Stream Energy’s Stunning Philanthropic Deeds in the Community

During the Hurricane Harvey when more than 56 inches of rain destroyed Houston and its neighborhoods, many companies in the United States and beyond were stranded as the floods claimed lives and destroyed the property of many Americans. However, a few companies took part in helping the victims to recover after the floods. A Dallas based company called Stream Energy was in the forefront, it spent money it has acquired from its investments and energy sakes to fund the recovery process. The donation was also meant to ease the financial needs of their customers who lived in the area.

Corporate philanthropy is part of Stream’s DNA. The company established a charity foundation called “Stream Cares” in the recent past. The foundation is meant to formalize the philanthropic activities of the company in Texas and other parts of the country as well. Stream Energy has been involved in charitable activities for a couple of years. In the Hurricane Harvey case, the company demonstrated how the company deems corporate philanthropy as a major facet of its brand. Establishing a distinct philanthropy arm is a new spectacle for corporations and other business enterprises. Moreover, the act provides dual advantages to the company. While giving back to the community, Stream Energy also earns the respect as well as the loyalty of its customers and prospects in the area. Corporate philanthropy often highly publicized and it is helpful in the events of low profits and scandals.

In retrospect, Corporate America is highly generous. In 2016 alone, businesses in the United States donated approximately 19 billion U.S dollars to several charities in the United States and beyond. Stream has also been active in grassroots donations by partnering with humanitarian organizations like the Red Cross Organization and Habitat for Humanity. Stream Energy has a simple business model that involves selling its products directly to the consumers and paying its associates to deliver its products to their clients and create a group of loyal customers. Stream Energy offers residential as well as corporate services that range from clean energy to telemedicine. Stream associates often earn commissions proportional to their sales. The company is improving the Dallas and Texas communities through corporate generosity and dedication to help the less fortunate people in the community.

What Can Young Entrepreneurs Learn From the Professional Life of Mike Baur?

Mike Baur has carved out a niche for himself in the world finance and investment with the launch and subsequent success of his Swiss Startup Factory. But did you know he first took time to build solidify his reputation within the industry? His entry into the investment circles was preceded by two decades of service in the private sector working for different financial institutions including Clariden Leu and UBS.


When the time came to jump ship, he didn’t transition straight into the investment world. He started off as an adjudicator in a startup pitching contest at St. Gallen University. Additionally, through a thorough understanding of his strengths and weaknesses, he sought partnership with Swiss Startup Factory Co-founder max Meister who helped fuel his vision to fruition. His successful career and equally boisterous launch of Swiss Startup Factory presents valuable lessons to most young entrepreneurs seeking to follow in his footsteps. Here are few takeaways that every young entrepreneur should consider following.




Mike Baur’s interests in the world finance didn’t just sprout at the end of his two-decade career in the banking industry. Rather, he has always had a passion for nurturing young innovators and guiding them through the mucky fields of investment. However, he understood the importance of gaining experience in the industry first and learning from other successful investors and entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs, therefore, need to understand the need for patience and first nurturing a dream before pushing it viral.




As an entrepreneur or young investor, you will not always attractive businesses to invest in, thus the need to be innovative. In such a case, go out your way and consider investing in ideas. At one point, Mike Baur was a judge in a University start-up pitching contest where he got exposed to a wide variety of potential investments that aligned with his interests. Similarly, consider investing in original ideas. Mike especially points out to the fact that being part of the success journey of a particular startup helps you appreciate whatever reward your investments reap. This journey changes your perspective towards investments from just reaping returns to the satisfaction derived from impacting other people’s lives.




When Mike Baur left the banking career and after exposure to the startup pitching challenge, he understood the need to partner with other like-minded individuals in realizing his Swiss Startup Factory vision. First off, he sought partnership with Max Meister, an equally talented entrepreneur and businessman to complement his idea of a globally acceptable startup factory.


Most importantly, he sought the partnership of several startup financiers locally and internationally. This helped pool resources for the factory thereby ensuring that more innovative ideas got the necessary funds needed to facilitate their launch. Young entrepreneurs also need to learn the importance of partnering with like-minded individuals and institutions as well as pooling resources if they hope to fast-track the achievability of their investment goals.


Real Estates and Property Development with Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is an Arab businessman with a positive reputation due to his bright and successful business operations across the globe. He mainly focuses on the real estate business where he brought into being DAMAC which is a company good in this type of activity. Sajwani is a father of four kids. He is termed as Donald Trump of Dubai due to not only the riches he has but also the intimate relationship he shared with the current United States’ president in the business field. In his schooling life, he took his higher learning in U.S at the University of Washington which was as a result of scholarship for being the best student.


His father is remarkably known for his positive entrepreneurial spirit. Back then, Hussain’s father owned a shop in which he sold parker pens, clothing, watches and many other imported goods from the famous China. Sajwani is a literate in Industrial Engineering and Economics in which he has attained degree for that. With this high knowledge, Hussain has been incorporating it to DAMAC, and that has been the reason for the firm’s success over the years in operation. Initially, after his studies, he did not trend in the path of progress at once instead he struggled from below with jobs that were not that satisfying to him.


The DAMAC Owner also came up with other ventures which have been serving in very many different ways. So far, DAMAC has helped to be the largest and the best firm venturing in property development in the whole of the Middle East. DAMAC’s popularity is never in vain due to the thousands of high project it has come up with which positively has been serving till today. The relationship between Trump and Hussain is after working together on great projects like Golf Course. The two have worked with each other over the years leading to family intimacy. Learn more:


Later on, Hussain Sajwani family and Trump’s family become friends and together have been working together towards achieving the best. DAMAC has come up with beautiful and luxurious apartment and hotels which are serving their rightful purpose without any cons. Learn more: