Tips from Upwork: Revamp Your To-Do List!

Upwork is a website that allows freelancers and clients to match and work in a virtual setting. It caters to web developers, writers, salespeople, and many more that look for freelancing gigs. They have a few tips for those who need to overhaul their to-do list for better productivity.

Write it Now

If you have things on your mind, the best way to keep your productivity flowing is to write what you are thinking about on paper, or in an app. If it is something you have to do later, getting it out of your head will help you focus on the now.

Be Prepared

Working on your to-do list in the morning is an energy-waster. Plan a few minutes before bed, so you can use your high-energy mornings for the work that is high-priority.

Use One Tool

Decide if you will use an app or pen and paper. Most people use an app these days because they always have access to a smartphone. Everything should be in one app or on one list.

Time and Priorities: Label It!

You can tag, label or color code your priorities. This will help you focus your energy toward the tasks that you have the energy to complete. You can also list how long a task will take or when you should start/finish the task. The more details you add to a task, the more it will fit into your schedule.

Evaluate Your Procrastination

If you are procrastinating because of a specific task, take a few minutes to decide if you need to delegate or get rid of the task all together. If you need to do the task, get it done as a high priority task, so you can move on.

Break Up Tasks

If you have a big project or task, make it less intimidating by separating it into steps. This can help you feel less pressure and get the job done faster.

Watch Your Energy

Match high-energy levels with high-priority tasks. Low priority tasks should be completed when you can be tired and still get them done.


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