The Chainsmokers – A Successful Production Duo Turned Band

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are collectively known as The Chainsmokers, a musical sensation that dabbles in the genres of EDM, pop, and dance. Alex Pall is from New York City; Andrew Taggart is from Maine. They were introduced to each other through a mutual friend, who was also the manager of Alex Pall at the time.

Alex Pall was DJing in New York City, recently departed on by his music partner. In an interview with Interview Magazine, Pall explained that he was in an art gallery when he realized music was his entire life. Shortly after is when he was introduced to Andrew Taggart.

Taggart was in Maine going to college, but made the long drive down to New York City. Together, making music, the two of them became a world-wide sensation.

It didn’t take much effort or adjustment for Pall and Taggart to begin working efficiently together. They immediately knew that their efforts would work out. Together, they took to the studio discussing their future and popular music. They obviously concocted a perfect strategy. Since their union they have been on the Billboard Hot 100 numerous time.

Alex Pall had nothing but great things to say about Halsey to Interview Magazine.

“She’s incredible,” Pall said. “She’s a very cool and unique artist.” Pall also stated that Halsey was number one on their list of artists to work with in 2016.

Other topics of the interview include changes to their live show, where they’ll be making adjustments for Taggart’s entry into singing; Instagram, where Pall said he is able to communicate with his fans and see exactly who is listening to their music; and lives as a production team, and how it was difficult for them to become popular without a lead vocalist.

The Chainsmokers were able to become a popular act, despite their handicap, by studying the popular music and creating their own unique sound.