Tips from Upwork: Revamp Your To-Do List!

Upwork is a website that allows freelancers and clients to match and work in a virtual setting. It caters to web developers, writers, salespeople, and many more that look for freelancing gigs. They have a few tips for those who need to overhaul their to-do list for better productivity.

Write it Now

If you have things on your mind, the best way to keep your productivity flowing is to write what you are thinking about on paper, or in an app. If it is something you have to do later, getting it out of your head will help you focus on the now.

Be Prepared

Working on your to-do list in the morning is an energy-waster. Plan a few minutes before bed, so you can use your high-energy mornings for the work that is high-priority.

Use One Tool

Decide if you will use an app or pen and paper. Most people use an app these days because they always have access to a smartphone. Everything should be in one app or on one list.

Time and Priorities: Label It!

You can tag, label or color code your priorities. This will help you focus your energy toward the tasks that you have the energy to complete. You can also list how long a task will take or when you should start/finish the task. The more details you add to a task, the more it will fit into your schedule.

Evaluate Your Procrastination

If you are procrastinating because of a specific task, take a few minutes to decide if you need to delegate or get rid of the task all together. If you need to do the task, get it done as a high priority task, so you can move on.

Break Up Tasks

If you have a big project or task, make it less intimidating by separating it into steps. This can help you feel less pressure and get the job done faster.

Watch Your Energy

Match high-energy levels with high-priority tasks. Low priority tasks should be completed when you can be tired and still get them done.


Dr. Saad and His Dedication to Medical Missions

A dedicated and compassionate pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad, is still leaving a legacy. His practice, based out of Eatontown, New Jersey has led one of the most successful careers in pediatrics today. Bringing his expertise into the operating room and his innovation in the development of new techniques for common procedures has raised the bar in pediatrics overall. His immense surgical skill has attracted doctors around the world and continues to inspire pediatric surgeons. To his credit, Dr. Saad also won the favor of the Royal Saudi Family when it came to performing complicated surgical procedures.


What is it that you may not know about Dr. Saad? Medical missions has been one of his greatest passions, leading him to complete three surgeries on children from Palestine within the United States. Dr. Saad was approached by the Palestine Child’s Relief Fund (PCRF), and was asked to help complete these complex surgical procedures for children in need. PCRF is an organization that was founded with the intention to help children and their families that could not afford to pay for medical procedures or aid. A child at the age of 15 that suffered from a gunshot wound in the West Bank needed surgery to save his life. Dr. Saad was asked to help with this case, and gladly said yes to the organization.


When Dr. Saad arrived, he realized that the boy was in fact in dire need of surgery. Suffering from holes in the belly and severe internal injuries, the young boy was able to come through the surgery well. Dr. Saad had yet again assisted in a complicated surgery for a child that was in dire need of medical attention. It was not long after that Dr. Saad intervened once again for a young girl from the West Bank. Born with her intestines outside of her body, the young girl was in need of the greatest and most skilled surgeon. Dr. Saad was able to help and intervene for this young girl, helping her get to a better state of health in mind and body as a result of his aid.


Dr. Saad was born in Palestine, and was relocated to the West Bank with his family at a very young age. He recalls what life was like during this time in his life, and looked upon these children with compassion as well as performing in what is his greatest passion in life. Dr. Saad chose to study medicine when his father relocated them again to Kuwait for his work.


It was during the hot summer that he realized becoming a doctor was his way into a richer life both for family and financially. Learn more:

GoBuySide and Superior Recruitment Assistance

GoBuySide describes a sophisticated platform that focuses on both networking and recruitment. It accommodates the needs of a broad array of organizations as well. These include consulting agencies, investment banks, hedge funds and even private equity companies. It’s an international recruitment network that caters to investment supervisors, large corporations and more. GoBuySide takes advantage of first-rate technological advancements. Its staff members have the ability to effectively assess job-seekers who show promise.

GoBuySide accommodates the requirements of more than 400 distinct clients at this time. These clients turn to the company for all kinds of human capital requirements. GoBuySide is at the helm of a network that includes 10,000 plus businesses. This network covers 500 plus cities located all around the globe as well. It’s tended to people in diverse cities in nations like the United States, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Chile, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, China, Japan and India. GoBuySide has aided 16 different nations around the planet. It has assisted 52 dazzling cities, too.

Project consulting is a helpful service that’s accessible through GoBuySide. The company employs technology that gives investment agencies the power to locate high-quality job candidates. GoBuySide has numerous talent options that can tend to businesses large and small. It’s able to respond to all kinds of consulting requests and wishes. GoBuySide can come in handy for businesses that are looking to complete all varieties of projects. The firm regularly assists businesses that need market research help. GoBuySide understands competitive assessments, entry preparations and more. GoBuySide concentrates on the establishment of businesses. Its staff members are well-versed in presentation development, business preparations and beyond. It doesn’t matter if a specific client is considering selling or expanding something. GoBuySide can help in a significant way. GoBuySide can aid businesses that are enthusiastic about gathering necessary capital. It can aid businesses that are eager to manage things efficiently and in a methodical way, too.


GoBuySide has a modern and speedy website that teaches people all about the organization and how it operates. People can find out more about the company by looking at its social media accounts as well. GoBuySide is on Facebook and Twitter. The New York, New York company has been a part of the latter social networking platform since the spring of 2012. It communicates with its followers by posting tweets that are clear, current and relevant. The GoBuySide crew posts updates that relate to subjects such as employee bonuses, blockchain technology and private credit. People who are searching for insight and clarity often follow GoBuySide on Twitter. They frequently “like” GoBuySide on Facebook. GoBuySide always strives to keep up with exciting social media developments and changes.

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The Mighty Fortress Church and The Churches of Minnesota

Minnesota is renowned for its plethora of beautiful, historic churches. One of the more modern churches is the Church of St. Columba in St. Paul. Built in 1950, it is best described as a “mixture” of architectural styles. The church is better known for its handsome, ornate interior.


Built in Winona in 1893, the Basilica of St. Stanislaus was the church home to the Polish immigrant community of the 1800s. The handsome red-brick house of worship presents a massive central dome, white steeples, and ornate stained-glass windows.


A former military outpost that was converted to a state park, the Ft. Snelling Veterans Chapel is used today as a non-denominational church featuring veteran’s memorials.


St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral in Minneapolis was constructed in the 1800s in the style of the Omsk Cathedral in Russia to serve the spiritual needs of Carpatho-Russian immigrants to the area.


Two more churches in the National Register of Historic Places are St. Clement’s Episcopal Church in St Paul and the Redeemer Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis. Both built around the turn of the century, the two historic buildings have each served as houses of worship for over a hundred years.


Standing proudly apart is the Mighty Fortress Church of Minneapolis, part of the Mighty Fortress Ministries International. Founded by Senior Pastor Bishop Thomas R. Williams, the Mighty Fortress Church offers fellowship, bible study, and weekly casual dress worship services.


Besides more than 30 years in the ministry, Bishop Williams acquired training and education from North Central University in Minneapolis, Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul, and Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Bishop Williams teaches and preaches a “solution theology” of support and empowerment through the realistic application of biblical principles. He believes that applying a combination of honesty, common sense, and biblical teachings will result in workable solutions to today’s problems.

Flying From Gerald Ford International to Federal Aviation Administration with Dick Devos

For a long time, man could simply look up into the sky and dream of being like the birds. It took the Wright Brothers to invent the means for man to fly. Now, avid Pilot Dick Devos continues his journey to help as many fly as possible.


Flying Like a Bird


Inventor Leonardo da Vinci loved to make diagrams of flying objects. He may or may not have been able to construct some of these machines, but none of them could fly like an airplane. The airplane made the entire world a little smaller.


No longer would it take months for people to travel around the world. Golfers could enjoy 18 holes on all continents within the same day. Airline travel made it easier for the world to think as one.


Helping Train New Pilots


Pilot Dick Devos thought it would be valuable to train new pilots at the West Michigan Aviation Academy. So, he helped start this academy, located out of Gerald Ford International Airport at Grand Rapids, Michigan. This enabled anyone with the urge to fly, to learn how to do so.


Continuing to expand the opportunities to enjoy the air, allows everyone to dream. This creates another dimension of human achievement. Philanthropist Dick Devos does not want people to be restricted by income.


He encouraged charter school vouchers to enable all children in the State of Michigan to enjoy the same educational opportunities. Now, isn’t that what America is supposed to be about?


Has America forgotten what is written on its Statue of Liberty? “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” The freedom to fly high is one of the freedoms that Philanthropist Dick Devos has encouraged.


Federal Airline Service


Wisely, the nation has realized that Dick Devos might have a knack for accomplishing great things. He helped expand the operations of his local Grand Rapids Airport. He helped create the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Learn more:


What could Pilot Dick Devos do for the country?


The country seems to be hopelessly divided and uncertain of its future. America continues to be mired with airports that are stuck in mud. Instead, of new inventions, there seems to be a growing malaise setting in.


That is one of the reasons why Pilot Dick Devos was added to the Federal Aviation Administration Civilian Board. He has fresh insight on how to fly. Now, many Americans hope that Mr. Devos can help the nation to soar again.


Education, inventions and freedom are the stated goals of America. Philanthropist Dick Devos knows something about each of these. He has flown from Gerald Ford International Airport to the Federal Aviation Administration in order to rekindle “America’s yearning to fly high again.”

Saving Lives With the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Since its establishment in 1988, the private care facilities of Cancer Treatment Centers of America have not only committed to supporting but also winning in the fight against cancer. Every treatment facility across five states nationwide promises only the best treatments by utilizing state of the art technology and a more intimate approach. Not only do these centers continue to save lives with their remarkable work, they also continue to achieve success in a steady and effective manner that other treatment centers cannot help but emulate.

Having already been accredited with numerous achievements and awards for their excellent work in the fight against cancer, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America continue to break strides and set new standards in their field. An article by on the Cancer Treatments Centers of America sheds a light of this fact. The article justly titled “Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways, a Comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Platform”, is a perfect example that shows how the cancer centers are routinely upgrading the way they change and save lives.

In recapping this article, it goes on to explain how the cancer centers have created a new platform that allows oncologists to analyze and locate well-tested treatment regimens for patients through new integrations. Done so with the collaborations of healthcare companies Allscripts and NantHealth, this new platform was built with the dedicated help of experts from across the nation and holds a significant database of evolving cancer care data.

The article goes on to explain how all of this was created with the patient in mind by providing services such as personal treatments specific to the patient, numerous treatment options, as well as patient access to updated guidelines, response rates, and drug toxicity. The list of benefits from this newly created platform can go on and on but, simply put, this just goes to show how the Cancer Treatments Centers of America will not stop in the fight against cancer until it is a thing of the past.





A Brief Look at the Career Profile of James Dondero

James Dondero has spent the past 30 years working in the equity and credit markets. He currently serves as the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Under his belt, the firm offers numerous award-winning solutions to retailers and institutions. The company has $14.9 billion worth of assets under management. Highland Capital Management comprises of NexPoint Capital, NexPoint Advisors, and NexPoint Residential Trust. Highland Capital Management received several prestigious awards in 2014 including Morningstar’s top-ranked Healthcare Fund, Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities, and Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation.

Mr. Dondero began his career journey as an analyst in 1984 shortly after being accepted into Morgan Guaranty training program. He, later on, graduated with dual majors in Finance and Accounting from the McIntire School of Commerce in Virginia. Mr. Dondero also holds rights as a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant. He began working in 1985 as a bond analyst at America Express. With time, Mr. Dondero made his way up as the company’s Portfolio Manager. He would manage approximately $1 billion worth of assets before leaving America Express in 1989.

James Dondero worked at Protective Life’s GIV Subsidiary as the Chief Investment Officer before founding Highland Capital. Under Mr. Dondero’s leadership, Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary grew to $2 billion in assets. James Dondero currently serves as the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank, CCS Medical, and NexBank. Besides, he sits on the boards of MGM Studios and American Banknote. As a philanthropist, James Dondero supports several charitable causes. They include Perot Museum of Natural Science, SMU’s Tower Scholars Program, Education is Freedom, Uplift Education, George Bush Presidential Library, and Snowball Express. James Dondero is an accomplished entrepreneur and hedge fund manager.

James Dondero’s portfolio management experience range from leveraged bank loans, derivatives, mortgage-backed securities, emerging market debt, and investment grade corporates. Mr. Dondero is thrilled that his investment firm focuses on making a positive impact on the Dallas community. Through his commitment with Mary Jalonick, the CEO of The Dallas Foundation, James Dondero has committed to $3 million as his monthly philanthropic budget.

For the most up to date information follow James Dondero on Twitter, here.

The benefits of coffee and ORGANO’s products

Although the caffeine which in coffee can often be addictive, recent studies show that it might not be such a bad thing to continue the routine of having coffee daily. As documented by two studies which were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, being a coffee drinker may reduce the risk of death by stroke or heart disease. The possible benefits for health from drinking coffee aren’t a new idea, neither is the chance of a longer life from those tiny little brown beans.

The results of a study that was done with more than 185,000 people who drank either decaf or caffeinated – with there being little to no difference regardless of kind – had a lesser risk of dying from stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes, or cancer when in Japanese, Latinos, African-Americans or Americans.

Associate professor of preventative medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California and lead author of the study, Veronica W. Setiawan, said that, “Seeing a similar pattern across different populations gives stronger biological backing to the argument that coffee is good for you whether you are white, African-American, Latino or Asian”, although she also mentioned that, “We cannot say drinking coffee will prolong your life, but we see an association”.

It is yet to come to light why coffee can do these things for people’s health.

A global company that provides numerous products like teas, nutraceuticals, personal care items, and coffee, ORGANO was founded in 2008. These products are offered through ORGANO’s Independent Distributor network and Coffee Connoisseur Club in Canada and the United States. ORGANO is currently in more than 45 on six different continents.

ORGANO’s goal is to utilize earth’s natural treasures to create premium products for people to enjoy that are also financially affordable.

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Alternative investment and Banking Solutions-Highland Capital Management

Investors in the market regardless of their size and experience would wish to have an alternative way of investing. Some organizations have realized the need of proving alternative investing as well as banking services and products and that is why they have founded organization to deliver such services as well as products. Some of these firms include Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management is an investment banking facility which h has a responsibility of offering alternative banking solutions to their clients across the United States of America. Among the services and the financial products that the group provides include; hedge funds, distressed investment funds, structured investment, among others. The company was established in 1993 and has their Head Offices in Dallas, Texas.
Highland Capital Management can well be described as a Security Exchange Commission registered firm which works for hand in hand with their subsidiary companies. The financial facility prides itself as one the largest organization that delivers affordable and reliable alternative banking resolution. Highland Capital Management also offers alternative investment including; natural resources, emerging markets, as well as long and short-term equities. For over 20 years that the firm has been in existence, it has been offering services to a broad range of clients who include; high-net-worth individuals, governments, financial facilities, corporations, public pension plans, funds of funds, endowments as well as foundations.
Ever since the foundation of the firm it has been experiencing tremendous expansion and has established other regional offices in the world including, London, Singapore, New York, Sao Paulo, and Seoul. Highland is one of the organizations that offer equal employment opportunity to the public and individuals who are competent have enough experience in the financial sector. Apart from being a leader in providing alternative banking and investing solutions, Highland Management is also a partaker of the community activities. The financial institution takes part in improving the environment where their employees live and work. They make donations to local as well as international non-profit organizations; they are involved in advisory board as well as volunteerism. Since 2005, Highland Capital Management has been part of the community by funding projects.

Dr. Villanueva Success in Dental Practice

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental. He started his own company with the knowledge of what it takes to furnish vital support without comprising the integrity of his career. Dr. Villanueva created MB2 in order to bring something new to this field. The ability to offer practitioners assistance that didn’t come with strings attached was his sole purpose. He built MB2 Dental to be a firm focused on autonomy, support, personal growth and having fun together. The firm makes improvements that benefit patients. These innovations and improvements lead to a happier practitioner which facilitates healthy growth. The firm since inception supported practitioners at no less than 70 locations across the state with more than 533 employees.

When Dr. Chris completed his degree, he had the option of either joining a dental practice or establishing a private practice, however, he had a better idea of mixing both worlds and thus he came up with MB2 Dental practice. He gets ideas for improving his practice by surrounding himself with smart people. He concludes that most CEOs fail because they micromanage their company’s` activities instead of trusting their team and this prevents them from setting a vision and keeping their employees motivated.

Most of his ideas stem from out of the box places he visits, he surrounds his work life and personal life with people capable of realizing his ideas and implementing them. His work also come with partnering with various people. Dr. Chris Villanueva believes in having a unique culture in the office as this leads to people opening up and thus increasing productivity.
For a practice of his caliber, having the right people plays a huge role as this enables them to feed each other with positive thoughts and achieve bigger goals. His practice is built solely with doctors unlike other firms with complex organizational structures. Dr. Chris hopes that in the future someone will come up with an app that helps identify food allergies and recommends the best restaurants to be served.

Dr. Chris Villanueva’s firm uses homegrown software that caters to the intricacies of a business platform and for compliance. The software eliminates the need to report manually and this helps the firm to use the time in strategizing of new report tools. He recommends that upcoming firms should work on improving their IT department and reporting functionalities.

Dr. Chris Villanueva feels that for a company to grow, it is important to people in the organization being on the same page and thus recommends the book, start with why by Simon Sinek.