Meet Rick Smith; the CEO of Securus Technologies

Most technologies are invented to protect the society. Some of these technologies are developed to help correctional and public safety organizations in protecting the society. Securus Technologies is the leading company in criminal justice and civil technology which aims at preventing crimes. Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies, and he has been very influential in the company’s growth. Smith has vast experience, and he aims to see that Securus Technologies provide excellent solutions that facilitate and improves the performance of correctional facilities like prisons.Rick Smith is highly educated, and his education has helped him gain significant skills. Smith attained an associate degree in applied science in electrical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology. That wasn’t enough for Smith as he moved to the University of Rochester where he attained his MBA. On top of that, Smith joined the State University of New York where he acquired a degree in electrical engineering. With this education, his knowledge is unmatched, and that is why he focused his attention on technology.

Smith has worked with many companies in different positions. One of the companies is Eschelon Telecom where he held different positions. He worked hard and was promoted to various ranks until he was the president of the enterprise. He helped Eschelon Telecom expand its activities and improve their services to customers. The second firm that he worked for was the Frontier Information Technologies where he worked as chief information officer and later the president of the company. On top of that, Smith also worked for Midwest Telephone Operations. His experience in telecommunication technologies is unmatched.As a result of credible services to customers, Securus Technologies has received many emails of appreciation. In response to many comments, Smith said that Securus Technologies is releasing development proposals every week to assist in solving crimes and prevent more crimes in the society.

These proposals help correction and law enforcement agencies in many of their security operations. Many clients have appreciated Securus Technologies via emails, and they say their services and products are helping the society a great deal. Smith stated that they would continue to provide quality services that impress their customers.Rick Smith said that building safety is in the company’s DNA. Therefore, Securus Technologies is honored to serve and protect the society. As the Chief executive officer of Securus, Rick Smith has come up with very many solutions that aim at helping prisons and other law enforcement facilities to avoid any crimes from inmates. Securus Technologies enable inmates to make calls so that they can connect with the outside world and their loved ones. Also, the technology employed allows inmates to update themselves on global advancements. They also develop gadgets that provide surveillance and ensure everything is in order in prison facilities. Many inmates, correction and law enforcement agencies and society as a whole are very grateful to Rick Smith and Securus Technologies for their excellent services.

Doe Deere On Being A Female Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are very valuable whether they are male or female. Also, entrepreneurs get to experience a lot of freedom. There are certain cases when people become entrepreneurs because they have no other choice for reasons such as economy or reputation. However, when people start succeeding a their own business, then they tend to not want to go back to the old way of doing things. However, there is one common characteristic of an entrepreneur. That characteristic is creativity, and Doe Deere is one of the more creative people in today’s age. It shows in the different careers that she has taken on.

Among the different activities that she has done was be a musician. As a musician, she has not only made the music that she enjoys, but she also has entertained the audience with her talents. She has shown her artistic spirit in the songs that she has made. A lot of people have been touched by her talents. She has shown herself to be so passionate about what she is doing that she did not wait for someone to discover her. She did everything she can to entertain the audience whether she had an album or not.

After her music career, she has decided to break into the fashion and make up industry. This is where she has let another aspect of her creativity shine. She has come to understand the world of beauty to be a world of art. As a result, she has used her imagination to come up with something artistic that will not only amaze people, but inspire them to come up with their own looks. This is something that Doe Deere is very passionate about. Therefore, she has opened up her own make up company called Lime Crime. It has grown to be a successful company, too.

Doe Deere believes in self expression. For one thing, people should be encouraged to express themselves not just with words, but with how they look as well. That way, they will get to know themselves. At the same time, others will get to know who they really are so that they will have a more accurate assessment of them. Also, people will be more likely to love them for who they truly are as opposed to the false front that they put up for approval.

In order to help with self expression, Doe Deere provides different colors and shades for make up. The coloring and shading goes way beyond the typical red tones. People will also be able to choose from different colors such as blues and greens. There is also hair dye for people who want to color their hair in different ways. With Lime Crime, people will not only get to be themselves, but they will also discover themselves for who they really are. As a result, they will come to love themselves.


Adam Goldenberg; The Entrepreneur Giant Behind JustFab

Being a businessman and an entrepreneur giant is no easy task. No one knows this better than Adam Goldenberg. At the young age of 15 he started his first company, Gamers Alliance, which was optioned off to the mega group Intermix Media. From there he quickly became the youngest COO at the age of twenty forever making him a strong force in the business community. Capitalizing on the growing lifestyle market on, Goldenberg founded several successful beauty and health brands. One of those brands is the widely popular lifestyle subscription service JustFab.

JustFab is a personalized subscription service that delivers a wide range of lifestyle items such as clothing and accessories to millions of people each month on YouTube. Wanting to be much more than just another fashion brand, JustFab merged the popular store to door service with high quality style. While many other similar lifestyle subscription services have been seeing a drop in sales over the past few quarters, JustFab has been soaring. Raising over 300 million dollars the company is now valued at over 1 billion dollars. They knocked other out subscription giants like BirchBox from the top of the list in the process of their growth. Goldenberg aimed his marker high by wanting to compete with online retail conglomerates like Amazon. JustFab stood above the rest of the subscription services out there by selling their own designed merchandise. Unlike their competitors, JustFab has their own line of clothing and accessories making the company a solely profitable one. Adam Goldenberg’s motto is simple; refuse to accept failure.

Adam Goldenberg expanded his portfolio to acquire other fashion related brands such as ShoeDazzle and FabKids. Both these companies follow JustFab’s successful business plan by offering a direct link between the retailer and the customer’s doorstep. Goldenberg allowed his successful business ventures to expand beyond the United States now reaching over six countries. All of his companies now find themselves competing with retail kings like Forever 21 and The Gap. All though finding success after his days with the social media monster MySpace wasn’t always easy, Goldenberg never stopped creating start-ups. This secures Adam Goldenberg’s title as an entrepreneur giant a crown he has been proudly wearing since his Gamers Alliance days and it’s only the beginning.