How Livio Bisterzo’s HIPPEAS Is Taking the Snack Industry by Storm

Hippeas has become the most sought snack brand by customers in need of a tasty and healthy snack. Since its formation in June 2015, the Brand has made significant strides in growth courtesy of its unique identity and high-skilled marketing professionals. Its presence in several outlets such as Holland & Barrett, Boots and Starbucks is a testament to its popular demand among health-conscious customers.

Livio Bisterzo, the brand’s co-Founder and CEO, and his management team have gone above and beyond to develop a tasty and appealing snack to customers. They have pushed the boundaries of their creativity to create a gluten-free, rich in fiber and high in protein levels. Such a snack is incorporated in a 100 calories pack that is guaranteed to stimulate your taste buds. Branding is an essential component in Hippeas’ success, and the company has pulled all the stops to create an iconic face with different colored tongues on its package.

Stephen McDavid, the design director at Jkr, has emphasized the need to develop a charismatic outlook relevant to the tastes of its different consumers.

Marketing Strategies Used

Bisterzo has lauded the firm’s dedication and commitment to creating a healthy and delicious snack. Since its inception, the management has strived to obtain the most suitable combination of taste, texture and shape as catalysts for product growth. It has been imperative to create a product relevant to customers but with a unique twist than previously witnessed. Such ventures are geared at ensuring that the clients would still pick the product from shelves.

Customer feedback has played an integral role in the Brand’s development over the years. Any comment provided by customers is taken with utmost seriousness as a means of improving certain areas in processing or marketing. Such sentiments have been reiterated by Carolyn Chinn, the product manager at Starbucks Retail Branded Partnerships. According to her, the company’s goal has and always will be to develop excellent products by all standards that are vegan and gluten-free.

Profile of Livio Bisterzo

As the CEO, he is credited with pioneering the development of various flavors such as Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar. While at the helm, he has supervised the rapid growth of the Brand across 7,500 locations within the U.S. Bisterzo is adept in the health sector with a seven-year experience in the natural food industry.

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