The Success of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is one of the largest market players in the food industry across the globe. The OSI Industry industries were founded back in 1909 in Illinois, and the founders were immigrants from Mexico. Despite the humble beginnings, OSI Industry boosts more than 20000 employees, 65 outlets in across 17 countries. Since its inception back in 19th century, the company has progressively incorporated technology in delivering services and as a result remaining relevant to the current market. The primary objective of the OSI Industries is to provide concept-to-table solutions that are satisfactory to the consumer across the globe. Thus to achieve the above objective, OSI Industries has partnered with worlds retail food brands and world’s leading foodservice to ensure their clients are delighted with the quality of services provided. One of the factors which has enabled the Industries to remain on top despite the numerous challenges in the food industry is entrepreneurial passion and agility in delivering quality services to the customers.

In the recent times, OSI Industries has taken another giant step in expanding portfolio by forming a merger with Turi Foods. The merger occurred between the OSI International Foods and Turi Foods leading to a new company be known as Turosi Pty Ltd. Merging the two giant food companies in Australia happened at the right time and since it brings together two companies whose culture is similar. OSI and Turi operate in the same market, and the merger will enable them to create synergy and as a result get a competitive edge. Turi Foods has facilities throughout the Australia State of Victoria and based in Thomastown. It mainly supplies quick-service restaurants, supermarkets, specialty butcher shops, chicken retailers and roast chicken outlets, since it’s one of the largest poultry processors in the country. On the other hand, OSI International Foods (Australia) deals with supplying quick-service restaurants, retail outlets, and foodservice across Asia offering a wide range of solutions to the customers.

Therefore, the merger between OSI and Turi will bring significant benefits to their clientele base. For instance, both companies have built their business on strong reputation with their customers as president and COO of OSI Industries is quoted saying during the merger. The merger will also make it possible for the OSI and Turi to serve their customers with new innovative ways and to provide new opportunities for the organizations to experience profitability. Consequently, despite the merger, the companies will continue to operate their plants as they did earlier.

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