The Face Of Nutrition, IDLife

IDLife is a health and wellness company. It was launched in May 2014 and is located in Frisco, Texas. The company is a professional in providing quality products that help improve your health.

IDLife stands for individually designed life. It was therefore founded and started on the basis that two people can never be the same. It is a fact of life that two people cannot be the same since people usually have different interests, reasonings and we are different in the way they do things. Using this principle, therefore, it is clear that everyone has different nutrition needs.

The face of IDLife is its management, with Mark Bennet as the COO and General Counsel; and Joe O’Connor, the CFO of the company. The CEO, Logan Stout, is a very successful entrepreneur, renowned author, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. He is among the reasons why the company started well and is having an incredible progress. Logan is the founder of Dallas Patriots and also the director, manager, and president of eight other companies. This makes him a competent leader with astounding team-leading skills that have helped bring together both the management and associates of the enterprise.

Recently, IDLife partnered with Garmin. Garmin was the pioneering company in developing blue-chip GPS devices. IDLife has added to their products a Garmin Vivo fitness tracker, as the company also makes fitness devices that are wearable.

All IDLife products come with a compensation policy of 30 days. Among the products that are offered by IDLife is the Kids Nutrition which addresses nutritional gaps in kids that lack certain minerals and vitamins. This product goes for $43.99 and contains 24 sweet chewable tablets.

IDLife Energy SHOT is a blend of energy boosters that help one get through a training session. These energizers are a direct remedy to exhaustion, and their functionality is on point. A 12-pack IDLife Energy SHOT goes for $38.99.

Here is a company that has its dedication to providing quality services to the people. Logan Stout, the CEO owes its success to both God and the individuals who have provided support. IDLife has and still transforms lives.