Nathaniel Ru and the Success of Sweetgreen

Ideas require several generations of time to fully develop into concepts that can have an impact on popular culture. In the case of food dishes for restaurants, concepts that become hugely popular have a period of germination of decades. In the case of garden salads; healthily grown, prepared, and enhanced with the correct and healthy ingredients, the time had come, and three creative friends from Georgetown University in Washington chose to begin a business, a restaurant, showcasing their need for healthy foods in the guise of salads. This revolutionary restaurant concept based on personal needs is now a chain and spells great success for the three friends. Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru. The three began Sweetgreen from its inception on M Streer in Georgetown to multiple locations in the United States of America.


The idea of Sweetgreen is to use only healthy ingredients. The lettuce and vegetables are organically grown. The Chicken used is free range and only feed a vegetable mixture of food. Their salads are delicious. The original idea and first restaurant were funded by 40 relatives and friends, and the three were fortunate that all their parents were part of the burgeoning entrepreneur class. The venture funding for Sweetgreen has totaled $95 million, and the restaurant locations have increased from 31 to a planned 40 by the end of fiscal 2016. Ru’s parents were owners of a restaurant business, which may have given him an edge in his career choice. Ru recently addressed a marketing conference at the Wharton School entitled, “The New Era of Marketing: Globalization, Analytics, and Choice“.


From college chums, little more than boys to men and business moguls, the three are bringing a modern sense of business structure and operations to their already growing chain of restaurants. They have built a business, a brand, and continue to profit and grow in sophisticating this unique brand. The proof of their success is in their salad products and the quality of service experienced when dining at a Sweetgreen’s restaurant. If you have not eaten at a Sweetgreen location, you will not be disappointed by their generous, healthy, and delicious salads.

Boraie Development Offers New Luxury Living for Residents

NJ blog gathered that recently the real estate development company known as Boarie Development is opening a leasing office to offer some of its newest properties. Their newest property called The Aspire is a new 17 story located in New Brunswick and is within walking distance away from the New Brunswick Train Station. At this location, residents will be able to access New York City and Philadelphia with ease.

With The Aspire, residents will be able to take advantage of living in one of the best luxury real estate locations in New Brunswick. The property will offer apartment units including studios, one bedroom and two bedroom units. Residents will also be able to take advantage of modern full service amenities along with being right near top restaurants and retail locations as well.

According to Boraie Development Vice President Hiam Boraie, The Aspire will provide a high end lifestyle that its typical residents want along with other services such as a 24 hour doorman and on site maintenance. Therefore anyone looking to live in this building will not only have a luxurious apartment to live in but also the assistance available to them that is typical of a high end hotel. Residents will also have balconies and terraces in their units which will allow them to have excellent views of their surrounding community – Shaq and Boraie Development to Host Tournament in Newark.

The company that is developing this new property is Boraie Development LLC. The company is a leading real estate firm that provides a wide range of services such as development, property management and also sales & marketing.

With Boraie Development, you will get a team that is determined to build excellent properties along with providing the most comprehensive services to clients as well. What makes Boraie among the top development firms in the area is its connections to financial institutions, architects and contractors. With these connections, Boraie Development is able to meet deadlines and succeed in completing projects with consistency.

Like a number of other real estate development firms, Boraie offers a wide range of services such as development, property management and sales & marketing.

NJBiz said, In this stage, Boraie Development will figure out what type of buildings to construct and the overall layout of a given project. Once this is complete, then Boraie Development will then construct the properties and then look to bet buyers or tenants.

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