Jeremy Goldstein, transforming corporate governance and executive compensation law

To an ordinary person, law matters are more like a place full of murky waters which are even more shadowy when you scratch beneath the surface and come across special fields of law such as executive compensation. However, with experienced attorneys like Jeremy Goldstein to walk with you, the process is less hectic.

Jeremy Goldstein is a highly experienced attorney and one of the founding partners at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates a law firm which exclusively deals with executive compensation and offering legal advice to CEO’s, businesses, management teams and compensation committees in corporate governance.

Jeremy operates in an area where most attorneys prefer to steer away from as it is deemed complex and less profitable but this sector seems to be playing to his tunes as he has been highly successful.

The idea of venturing into this sector struck him a decade ago after myriads of cases involving conflict of interest and executive compensation went down the drain without justice being served. He took advantage of the market gap and the monumental success that his law firm has been gaining is sufficient proof that he made the right decision. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Quora

How he improves his productivity and what makes him unique

Unlike most attorneys who are driven by incessant greed and will agree to take any case that comes their way, Jeremy is cut out from a different cloth because he not only assures his client’s 24 hours of availability but only agrees to take a few cases a factor that has helped him maximize his productivity.

Jeremy is also unique in that he not only focuses on solving the cases presented to him but also goes the extra mile in creating lasting relationships with clients to increase his effectiveness and problem-solving skills. This has not only helped him excel in his profession but has also helped grow his business.

If given the opportunity to talk to his younger self, Jeremy would advise himself not to fret about setbacks but take them as opportunities and he advises everyone to be more aggressive and flexible in accepting technological changes.

More about Jeremy Goldstein

Besides the law firm, Jeremy Goldstein is an authoritative figure and sits across various law-related boards. For instance, he chairs the Mergers and acquisition sub-committee of the American Bar Association business section.

Having been in the law realm for over two decades now is an advantageous factor for the elite lawyer as he has worked with some of the biggest names in the world.

He has also been part of some of the largest transactions in the corporate world such as the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies and many others.

Jeremy is a fully certified corporate attorney and his string of academic accreditations are sufficient proof of that. For instance, he is New York University graduate and holds a J.D from the same facility.

Jeremy also holds a B.A cum laude from Cornell University and an M.S from the University of Chicago. He is a man of many hats and shares his extensive knowledge in legal matters through various publications and delivering talks in corporate events.

His efforts to transform how legal executive matters are handled have not been for nothing as he has been recognized by various bodies and corporate publications.

The role played by Ricardo Tosto in the Brazilian Legal System

The Brazilian legal system is one of the most complicated in the whole world and the wheels of justice turn slowly. For this reason, the profession is fairly popular in Brazil. The constitution has been in existence since 1988 and is the basis of all laws. The about 30 years have not been adequate for people to know it so well. Most lawyers launch their careers at the age of 23 after either five or six years in law school then the Brazilian Bar Exam, which if passed successfully, guarantees admission to the bar.

Many lawyers are practicing law in Brazil. Hence it is a hard choice picking the right alternative. As of 2011, more than 700,000 lawyers were in practice in Brazil with others in school or just completing education. They specialize in different areas of practice, i.e., contract law, criminal law or tax law. There are significant law firms in the country having as many as 500 practicing lawyers and covering multiple cases. On the other hand, law firms that specialize only in one area or litigation will have about 50 lawyers. Lawyers join law firms either as interns or associates or partner at the law firm. To choose a reputable lawyer who will professionally defend you in a court of law, be sure to do robust research about the lawyer and his/her successes. It is also advisable to get references from friends. To Watch video click here.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most famous lawyers practicing in Brazil. He is very good at whatever he does and has achieved unmatched success resulting in thousands of clients yearly. Ricardo Tosto has worked with renowned businesspeople and politicians defending them in court. He has also served various global firms and NGOs and is, therefore, an accomplished lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto has taken part in the enactment of the new laws that have brought a new face to the Brazilian Legal System. The changes if adopted will make the sector efficient thus improving the economy. Ricardo Tosto has got his law degree from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. Ricardo Tosto is a partner and founder at Leite, Tosto, and Barros. Many of his current associates at the firm came on board as trainees.

Labaton Sucharow’s Jordan A. Thomas Leads Company To Second Largest SEC Whistleblower Award

The first and so far only dedicated SEC whistleblower program operated by a private law form at Labaton Sucharow recently announced its latest successful case, which has seen $17 million awarded to a whistleblower in return for their information. This is the second largest award ever given to an SEC whistleblower in the six years since the program was established as part of the Dodd-Frank Act that was created to avoid future issues damaging the financial industry in the U.S.

Labaton Sucharow offers a full service SEC Whistleblower program that has the advantage of being headed by experienced lawmaker Jordan A. Thomas, who was one of the authors of the Dodd-Frank Act that created the whistleblower program. Thomas has built an impressive team at Labaton Sucharow that looks to make sure each and every potential whistleblower has their case investigated before being presented to the Securities and Exchange Commission; a team of experienced financial experts, lawyers, and investigators combine their skills to make sure every aspect of the claims of a whistleblower are evaluated to provide the highest levels of success in the future.

The whistleblower attorney program at Labaton Sucharow has achieved large levels of success for a number of years and took advantage of the skills of the law firm in keeping the identity of the whistleblower secret during and after the case was brought to the SEC. Successful management of the case by the team created by Jordan A. Thomas has secured the identity of the individual whistleblower in this case to make sure they do not lose their position or become blacklisted for the future.

The SEC does not release details of individual cases involving whistleblowers where the individual bringing information about financial wrongdoings in the industry to make sure individuals do not face retribution from employers. Jordan A. Thomas has not only created a successful team of investigators and legal experts, but he has worked on a series of significant cases, such as the first whistleblowing by the officer of a company and a case of retaliation against an SEC whistleblower. The employment protection and guarantee of anonymity are two of the main causes the SEC whistleblowing team at Labaton Sucharow look to secure when they take on a case and bring it to the SEC.

The Trial Of Pistorius’ Murder Of Steenkamp

Oscar Pistorius known for being South African runner, who doesn’t allow his disability to prevent him from competing at a superior level. The 2012 Paralympic Games of the Summer Olympics, where Pistorius once again showed that a disability doesn’t need to keep you from what you love. Pistorius shot his girlfriend by mistake in the early morning of Thursday, February 14, 2013. She was killed at Pistorius’ home in Pretoria. Confessing to shooting Steenkamp, mistaking her as an intruder. He was arrested and immediately charged with murder of Steenkamp on February 15, 2013 in a Pretoria court.

Pistorius unlawfully shot the person behind the bathroom door. He shot four times knowing that whoever was on the other side of the door would be killed. He used excessive force hastily and negligently. September 12, 2014 he was not charged as a murderer but of culpable homicide.

Time magazine published a story titled Pistorius and South Africa’s culture of violence” in the March 11, 2013 issue. Vanity Fair published the story concerning the incident titled The Shooting Star and The Model released the in the June 2013 Crime section of their issue. The Guardian published on March 4, 2014, an article by novelist Margie Orford, Oscar Pistorius trial: Which told about a fictitious black man in the middle of the defence, which painfully describe details of the power, sex and violence corruption.

Brenda Wardle followed this case closely. She is a world known legal analyst in South Africa and abroad for several cases. She is the Chief Operations Officer at the Wardle College of Law (Pty) Ltd. Wardle has three law degrees, but her writing is not just law journals and newspapers. Written twelve manuals on Contract Management Framework for South African public sector procurement, a short story entitled, Odyssey of A Woman and soon to be released To Kill a Fragile Rose, describing the prominent case of Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius.

With her uncharacteristic knack for the law, she has had analyses on several cases, which included the Pistorius case.

Wardle not only is a top lawyer and writer she is a mother of four and is proud of her three grandchildren.

Brenda Wardle on the Pistorius Trial