Lovaganza an Idea Whose Time Will Come

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Lovaganza is movement soon to take solid form in which each child around the world is granted the basic rights required to enjoy childhood and progress from childhood to the adult realm as a happy, healthy and educated person ready to take a worthwhile place in society. The goals for this movement state that 2035 is the targeted year in which all the requirements for childhood are met. These requirements are simple: clean drinking water, clothes, a place to sleep at night and food to eat, and medicine and education. All these are taken for granted in the American culture even though not all children in America have these benefits.

There is an interesting story of an American charity sending powdered milk to the starving peoples of Africa who had been affected by one of the many civil wars taking place in the dark continent. The only problem with this donation of powdered milk was that there was a complete absence of clean drinking water in the area.

The plight of children has long been recognized as the most urgent and important to solve, but ending this problem will take international assistance. If this concept of Lovaganza, the betterment of our children, becomes foremost in the minds of the world then wonders can truly take place. It is said that fully one-fourth of the world goes to bed hungry while the rest of the world throws away enough food to feed the starving masses. There is hope for a way to redistribute waste from the civilized world to feed children in third world countries. If this world effort takes root, then a new ethic, a better and finer ethic will replace the previous attitude of not being able to make any difference at all in the world situation.

Lovaganza has a grand idea with a timeframe set up for success, and the foundation founders and executives realize the enormity of their endeavor. Lovaganza have chosen to use the efforts of the entertainment and music industry to try to achieve this lofty goal, and if everyone who has seen tears falling from a hungry child’s eyes helps the cause, then success will be achieved.

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