Sussex Healthcare Succeeds in Improving Adult Care

For over two decades, Sussex Healthcare has provided services aimed at improving the lives of adults. It also targets enhancing the lives of the seniors who need special care. Together with England’s care homes at the southern coast, the Group has ventured into diverse expertise and backgrounds to offer quality care.

The company’s successful operations

Since the facility was founded in 1985, it has been operating over 20 homes including self-contained housing, modern gym, and a daycare unit for the elderly. The facility also runs live-in centers that are aimed towards improving the lives of patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s as well as those suffering from neurological and cognitive disorders. The healthcare provider also takes care of people who have limited and extensive health care.

The healthcare provider has a competent support team and skilled staff who are well-trained and are devoted to ensuring that the patients they treat have the best experience. The features of the management include competitive compensation, continuous education, and training. The care services offered by the company are usually challenging to come by because of the increasing population. The elderly population is currently witnessing issues that require elaborate healthcare attention; Sussex Healthcare has offered care as soon as they are required to do so.

The company also offers palliative care to the terminally and chronically ill patients. The specialists in the company facilities have all received End of Life training through the Gold Standard Framework. Thus, the experts can adopt a compassionate pain management approach when dealing with the patients.

The company’s motivation

The philosophy that Sussex Healthcare bases its success is the idea that good health involves more than just living without diseases. With a proposed inclusive lifestyle, which acknowledges the relevance of social, recreation and leisure undertakings, the facility focuses on crucial health factors that enhance well-being and health. The care homes managed by Sussex Healthcare also offer clients a unique environment, which enhances healthy involvement in recreational activities. Over the decades, the Group’s leadership has contributed to its success. Shiraz Boghani who has experience in the hospitality industry and Shafik Sachedina who is a dentist by profession, have both enabled the Sussex Healthcare to remain competent.