No Poo? No Problem!

By far the healthiest trend happening right now is the “No Poo” trend that has taken over social media. Despite the concerning name of this trend, it’s all about keeping your hair beautiful and healthy by using hair products without all of the harsh chemicals that can strip and dehydrate your hair. These no-poo shampoos or “cleansing conditioners” do not lather detergents and sulfate on the scalp. They gently clean the hair, while still maintaining its integrity. One of the most popular of these product lines by Wen.

WEN by Chaz is an extremely popular hair care line that is taking women’s hair care routines everywhere by storm. This cleansing conditioner takes the place of five products, so you can say goodbye to dehydrating shampoos, costly deep conditioning treatments, and bank draining detanglers and leave ins. WEN does it all, But this product is so much more than cost effective!

While regular shampoos use powerful detergents to rid the hair of its natural sebum, WEN is sulfate and detergent free. This means that WEN can gently clean your tresses while maintaining your hair’s natural oils. An added benefit of WEN is that its gentleness on hair means that it is perfect for all hair types, Including colored hair. No-Poo shampoos are a great alternative to normal products we all use in our hair daily, with all the results we want to see and without the cocktail of ingredients we don’t.