No Poo? No Problem!

By far the healthiest trend happening right now is the “No Poo” trend that has taken over social media. Despite the concerning name of this trend, it’s all about keeping your hair beautiful and healthy by using hair products without all of the harsh chemicals that can strip and dehydrate your hair. These no-poo shampoos or “cleansing conditioners” do not lather detergents and sulfate on the scalp. They gently clean the hair, while still maintaining its integrity. One of the most popular of these product lines by Wen.

WEN by Chaz is an extremely popular hair care line that is taking women’s hair care routines everywhere by storm. This cleansing conditioner takes the place of five products, so you can say goodbye to dehydrating shampoos, costly deep conditioning treatments, and bank draining detanglers and leave ins. WEN does it all, But this product is so much more than cost effective!

While regular shampoos use powerful detergents to rid the hair of its natural sebum, WEN is sulfate and detergent free. This means that WEN can gently clean your tresses while maintaining your hair’s natural oils. An added benefit of WEN is that its gentleness on hair means that it is perfect for all hair types, Including colored hair. No-Poo shampoos are a great alternative to normal products we all use in our hair daily, with all the results we want to see and without the cocktail of ingredients we don’t.


Fine Hair and WEN, The Results Are In!

For most of us, we are on the hair care product hunt that will leave our hair looking radiant, shiny, and full of life by the end of the day. And it is a constant battle to find the right products that work for your hair type. Some products leave the hair feeling dry, other products can make your hair feel greasy, and others just make it smell good. A hairdresser had been seeing the WEN commercials on YouTube for some time and after some research, she bought WEN and decided a week-long trial was in order. For a breakdown of her day to day, click here.

This female has fine hair. Fine hair can be hard to manage if the products you use aren’t the right match for that hair type. Products can become too heavy for fine hair, causing hair styles to fall by midday. So on day one of this week long trial, she found that her hair wasn’t feeling like it normally does. It felt more alive, full of bounce and shine. So the first day was a success. But midweek; she noticed her hair wasn’t falling into its normal routine. That it had improved as long as she washed her hair every day with WEN. By the end of the week, she could honestly say that she liked WEN. If you are one to maintain your hair daily with washings and styles, Wen is a great product for fine hair people.

WEN was developed by an upscale salon owner, Chaz Dean. He has had a love for hair that stems back to his photography days. Chaz Dean looked outside the box and wanted to do more than just hair, he developed a hair care product line that would nourish the hair from inside out. It replaces 5 different products that you normally use on your hair. It cleanses, conditions, detangles, deep conditions, and acts as a leave in conditioner.

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