How Avaaz Chooses Its Campaigns

Avaaz is a worldwide activist group that supports various causes, such as human rights and civil rights. They started in 2007. Just a few years later, they were named by The Guardian as the largest online global activist organization. They help people contribute to causes by using the power of the internet. People can start and sign petitions, send emails to legislators, organize protests and marches, and much more. The truth is that they have been praised by many world leaders for their work, as you will soon see. They serve seventeen languages and they have thousands of volunteers who back them and help support their ideals. Their goal is to close the gap between the world as it is now and the idea world that everyone really wants.

For funding, they rely on the generosity of its members and supporters. Their donations come from concerned individuals who want to make a difference and donate small amounts. These small contributions add up. Avaaz does not take contributions from foundations or corporations, so it is free from being held at the behest of corporate interests. It also does not accept donations that are more than five thousand dollars. To know more Avaaz click here.

They have a team of thirty members from various countries around the globe who help select their campaigns. Members suggest campaigns as well. If the team decides that a campaign is for a worthy cause and has potential to succeed, they will send out an email to their members and take a poll to see how many people want to support this new campaign idea. They send it out to over ten thousand members, and if enough people support it, they take it on.

They have had many victories. You can see these victories on their website. These victories span many countries and causes.