Randal Nardone Helps Fortress Investment Group Thrive

As the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone has a lot in the business. He knows what the business needs and tries to always give people a chance to see things he can try to make the business better. He spent a lot of time preparing people to help them in different situations and that’s what allows him to do things easier for people who are running their own investment opportunities. Randal Nardone enjoys giving back to the community and will stop at nothing to make the community better for the investors he helps through Fortress Investment Group. Even though it seemed like a drastic move to make, Randal Nardone was actually supportive of the acquisition from Softbank.

Softbank knew they could make things better for Fortress Investment Group and they made sure they were doing everything right for people to try things on their own.Randal Nardone felt it was a big part of growing as the company. They wouldn’t lose their identity as a brand, but they could make sure things would get better for them if they knew how to run the business from the big corporation that now owned them. Having a parent company is like having a safeguard in the business world. Even customers realized how well the acquisition went. Fortress Investment Group started to help even more customers. They knew people needed their help and they knew the right way to give the community what they were looking for.

For Randal Nardone to help Fortress Investment Group do this, he had to make sure the company was successful. He also had to be sure people saw how well he focused on the right opportunities for investments. Since he knew how to help other people with their investment opportunities, he felt confident the acquisition would be the best opportunity for Fortress.Now that Randal Nardone focuses on helping the business thrive under Softbank, he feels as though he plays a huge role in the company. He spent a lot of time understanding how things would work for Fortress Investment Group. Even though he knew how to help people with the issues they were facing, he felt it was worth it. Randal Nardone is an expert at all things that go back to investing and he shows that with the opportunities he has. It is his job to give people what they need when it comes to investment advice.

Financial Freedom Through The Help of Greg Secker


Greg Secker- author, trader, philanthropist has not always been interested in trading or even writing books. He was first interested in agriculture and food science in school. It was after he started studying at the university that he became interested in selling computers and building them. This time allowed him to learn coding for older programs and when he became a nerd, he visited a job fair. It was at the job fair that he spoke with someone from the Thomas Cook Financial business that he was encouraged to interview at the business.

Greg Secker made the decision to start sharing his love for helping others by sharing his knowledge as well as his passion. He retired from Thomas Cook and when he became bored sitting around home, he began trading at home. He opted to get out of the house and ended up going to a number of seminars where he learned to do the same thing that he was doing.

Greg attended and spoke at the Youth Leadership Summit and once he managed to get more people who were famous involved, the more people who began attending the summit. It was here that people learned how to be successful in health, wealth and even relationships. He discovered that he was able to make a big impact on the lives of these people and knew he had to help them more.

Once Greg began helping others, he decided that it was time for him to write it all down. Greg became a writer and he wrote the Financial Freedom Through Forex book. This guide is a step by step book that shows people how they can be successful in all currency markets. He helps them to learn the two strategies needed to begin making an immediate income. His next book is slated to help others learn how to incorporate philanthropy into the world of business. He hopes to teach others how to make philanthropy a part of their typical day within the business world.

It is the next step that he wants to take to help those in the Philippines to learn how they can be successful and to teach them what they need to know to grow in self-confidence. This is an area that most of these people lack and with the help of Greg, they will learn this tool needed to make themselves financially free.