Rocking the Music Scene for Autism Research

Since its founding in 2010, the California-based online fundraising site GoFundMe has provided a means for a myriad of causes to receive funds sourced over the internet. Among these causes, there is none surely so deserving of attention as that of autism research. Autism, a neurodevelopmental disease, manifesting itself in early childhood, needs much further research to determine its causes and treatment. Over twenty million people around the world are believed to suffer from autism. And while an early diagnosis of autism and effective treatment have been on the increase in the past thirty years, there are still many families around the world utterly bereft of adequate care. If the effects of autism are to be confronted, further research is absolutely essential.
Responding to this need, GoFundMe is currently hosting Autism Rocks, an extraordinary charity organization that promises to make a real difference in the current state of research into this disease. Autism Rocks takes its name from its principal form of fundsourcing: private concerts on an international basis.
Autism Rocks is the brainchild of British businessman Sanjay Shah, whose own experience with autism is close and personal. Shah, whose background is in investment management and banking, is himself the father of a child with autism. Spurred on by his son’s condition and eager to find a way of helping, he had already committed himself to giving regular donations to the Autism Research Trust, a UK-based organization that funds research at Cambridge University.
Inspired by this brush with the world-famous celebrity, Shah determined to inaugurate a series of concerts the primary purpose of which would be the raising of money for autism research. And so Autism Rocks was born. The wildly successful concerts have hosted such world-class performers as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Joss Stone, and Elvis Costello. Venues have included Paris, Dubai, and London. Shah has plans not only to expand the range of concerts offered, but to market albums featuring his stars. Clearly, the sky’s the limit when the impresario is himself an inspired and committed entrepreneur like Sanjay Shah.