Rocketship Education; Lessons to Draw From Their Pioneering of Personalized Learning

Rocketship Education is a school that was launched a decade ago in a church located in San Jose, California. Over the years, the school has made incredible milestones that have impacted the community at large. Despite their significant growth, Rocketship Education remains a work in progress considering that they are working hard to improve how they serve their students. They have been keen to pick adequate lessons from their ten years of service, which will help them improve their service.

Some Lessons to Pick From Rocketship’s Operations

Administrators from Rocketship appreciate that personalized learning starts at home because this is where one understands a student’s unique interests and needs. They began conducting annual home visits, something that helped the teachers develop greater ties with their students. Over time, they also realized that as much as they were being pushed to introduce a K-12 system, it was likely to undermine their ability to engage parents outside classrooms. During that period, they also understood the power of a parent in a school setting. As such, the managerial crew did everything possible to ensure that they had parents play significant roles like participating in hiring teachers.

Why Rocketship Education is Continually Gaining Prevalence

Teachers are ideal stakeholders in developing culturally responsive schools. Rocketship seeks to embrace children from all walks regardless of their race, ethnicity, creed, or any other factor. Building trust with parents does not come easy. The CEO and a co-founder of Rocketship, Preston Smith, says that when founding the school, he did not have any children. However, when his children were born and attained the age to join school, they enrolled at Rocketship Education, a gesture that sent volumes to many parents. That move portrayed the school as one with momentous inclusion, which benefits all children.

Working with a Definitive Mindset

Mostly, this applies when hiring teachers to handle children taking elementary studies. Rocketship has acknowledged the essence of investing in tenacious teachers who are goal-oriented. So far, they have managed to find such teachers by assessing mindset alongside skill.