A Healthy Lifestyle Begins With Better Food Selections

Sweetgreen is a very popular Georgetown restaurant that local college students for great meals of high quality at a reasonable price. Sweetgreen was started by 6 years ago by three local college Hoyas: Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman. The innovative eatery was the brainchild of the three at the start of their senior year. They were concerned that Georgetown had offered such limited healthy food options. Their logic was impeccable, they loved food, had a group desire to create something new, and were all intent on finding solutions for their own futures. They sought advice from many sources, including architects, other restaurant owners, and even faculty at Georgetown.


After developing their own Business Plan, they realized none of them had any previous experience with running a restaurant. They did have parents who were successful in business, but they themselves had never operated a business. Their “new eyes” on such a business turned out to be a good thing. They approached launching the business in a small space with short funding and other resources. This forced them to think creatively and start out with minimal elements. The only thing that they decided was without compromise was that their food be made from only high quality ingredients and that it all be made sustainable ways.


Although the restaurant was not actually a college project, the three spent their senior year to learn new business acumen and apply it in their founding of Sweetgreen. They had learned about how important having a business driven by real value is to their customers. They saw how important a community’s culture is to building brand loyalty. They learned this in business school in the new program in effective entrepreneurship.


They went further and in 2010 they also giving back to their community through their Sweetgreen in Schools program. It helps kids get better health and nutrition knowledge with workshops and other activities. Students get hands-on training in these workshops at many schools in New York, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. They have helped educate over 20,000 kids in basic cooking and smart choices when eating.



Sweetgreen Commitment to Healthy Sexy Salads

Healthy eating on the go has not been an easy market. With fast food restaurants everywhere, many times healthy fast food is too expensive. Three Georgetown graduates decided to bring farm fresh salads to consumers and hit a gold mine. Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru started Sweetgreen in 2007 with one shop in Georgetown, where they graduated. The start up was funded by 40 friends and relatives, and now those three control one of the fastest growing food start ups.

Sweetgreen has now opened 31 locations nationwide, and they hope to open 40 by the end of the year. They have completed three rounds of venture capital raising, totaling 95 million. All three co-founders were from families of entrepreneurs, so the business building came easy. Nicolas Jammet is from a family of restaurateurs, so he brought that experience to the table. They coupled their entrepreneurial spirit with a want to find better food options.

They value the homegrown nutrition of farm fresh salads. The founders noticed how unhealthy salads had become. They wanted to build a business that valued the community, employees, and the farms.

How did they make a salad sexy? They know in the end they are selling more than just lettuce, they are selling a brand. Salad is all about the dressing and the toppings. Nathaniel Ru is one of the founders who continues to push the mission of selling a lifestyle and a brand. Nathaniel Ru has stated “Everything you do should last longer than you.” The three founders have started with a vision to create a healthy lifestyle oriented salad chain and watched it explode. Through innovative thinking and immense respect for their employees and distributors, Sweetgreen has made a name for themselves. Their growth nationwide has shown that. With this new round of venture fund raising, it will be interesting to see where they go next.

Nathaniel Ru and the Success of Sweetgreen

Ideas require several generations of time to fully develop into concepts that can have an impact on popular culture. In the case of food dishes for restaurants, concepts that become hugely popular have a period of germination of decades. In the case of garden salads; healthily grown, prepared, and enhanced with the correct and healthy ingredients, the time had come, and three creative friends from Georgetown University in Washington chose to begin a business, a restaurant, showcasing their need for healthy foods in the guise of salads. This revolutionary restaurant concept based on personal needs is now a chain and spells great success for the three friends. Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru. The three began Sweetgreen from its inception on M Streer in Georgetown to multiple locations in the United States of America.


The idea of Sweetgreen is to use only healthy ingredients. The lettuce and vegetables are organically grown. The Chicken used is free range and only feed a vegetable mixture of food. Their salads are delicious. The original idea and first restaurant were funded by 40 relatives and friends, and the three were fortunate that all their parents were part of the burgeoning entrepreneur class. The venture funding for Sweetgreen has totaled $95 million, and the restaurant locations have increased from 31 to a planned 40 by the end of fiscal 2016. Ru’s parents were owners of a restaurant business, which may have given him an edge in his career choice. Ru recently addressed a marketing conference at the Wharton School entitled, “The New Era of Marketing: Globalization, Analytics, and Choice“.


From college chums, little more than boys to men and business moguls, the three are bringing a modern sense of business structure and operations to their already growing chain of restaurants. They have built a business, a brand, and continue to profit and grow in sophisticating this unique brand. The proof of their success is in their salad products and the quality of service experienced when dining at a Sweetgreen’s restaurant. If you have not eaten at a Sweetgreen location, you will not be disappointed by their generous, healthy, and delicious salads.

More Bad Publicity For McDonald’s

It is happening again, McDonald’s is under fire for their food ingredients. They struggling fast food chain has had negative publicity about their beef, chicken, and now, their mozzarella cheese sticks. A small class action lawsuit has been filed claiming that McDonald’s is engaging in false advertising.

The group led by Jon Urbana and his campers at Next Level Lacrosse camp claims on Bloomberg.com that the sticks do not contain 100% real mozzarella cheese as is advertised, but rather includes other ingredients such as starch as a money-saving filler. Naturally, the company is denying these claims and is prepared to fight for their, semi, good name.

It seems likeĀ McDonald’s just cannot stay out of the news lately it is always one thing or another. After last year’s dismal numbers close to 700 stores were closed worldwide in 2015.