Sweetgreen Commitment to Healthy Sexy Salads

Healthy eating on the go has not been an easy market. With fast food restaurants everywhere, many times healthy fast food is too expensive. Three Georgetown graduates decided to bring farm fresh salads to consumers and hit a gold mine. Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru started Sweetgreen in 2007 with one shop in Georgetown, where they graduated. The start up was funded by 40 friends and relatives, and now those three control one of the fastest growing food start ups.

Sweetgreen has now opened 31 locations nationwide, and they hope to open 40 by the end of the year. They have completed three rounds of venture capital raising, totaling 95 million. All three co-founders were from families of entrepreneurs, so the business building came easy. Nicolas Jammet is from a family of restaurateurs, so he brought that experience to the table. They coupled their entrepreneurial spirit with a want to find better food options.

They value the homegrown nutrition of farm fresh salads. The founders noticed how unhealthy salads had become. They wanted to build a business that valued the community, employees, and the farms.

How did they make a salad sexy? They know in the end they are selling more than just lettuce, they are selling a brand. Salad is all about the dressing and the toppings. Nathaniel Ru is one of the founders who continues to push the mission of selling a lifestyle and a brand. Nathaniel Ru has stated “Everything you do should last longer than you.” The three founders have started with a vision to create a healthy lifestyle oriented salad chain and watched it explode. Through innovative thinking and immense respect for their employees and distributors, Sweetgreen has made a name for themselves. Their growth nationwide has shown that. With this new round of venture fund raising, it will be interesting to see where they go next.

Starbucks adds Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas snacks

i'm a hippea livio bisterzo

Chickpeas are great on salads, as we all know. They have a meaty, substantial quality that fills a person up in exactly the right way. But have you considered them as a snack, beyond this obvious choice? Hippeas, a company that makes vegan and organic chickpea snacks, is looking to show you different ways of eating this special food. Soon, the Starbucks shopper will be able to buy Hippeas chickpea snacks with their morning coffee. The protein fills you up for ages, and they are tasty too.

Livio Bisterzo, the CEO of Hippeas, brainstormed with his team in order to develop these snacks which are puffed chickpeas with only 100 calories and a lot of fiber and protein. Bizterzo has been in the food industry for several years, creating unique products that are healthy and tasty. Hippeas’ flavors include Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar and taste as good as they sound.

Bisterzo wanted to create a product that was the right amount of creative and familiar. With chickpeas as the chosen ingredient, his team set out to create a snack that was healthy and had special flavors but wasn’t too far out. Their baby is Hippeas, which has been quite popular with consumers. So popular, that Starbucks is bringing them to their locations. With 7,500 Starbucks on the bandwagon so far, it won’t be too long before these snacks become a household name.

Bisterzo listened to customers, who wanted a snack that fit most dietary needs. The result is a vegan, organic and gluten free snack that almost anyone can become hooked on. Bisterzo is aware that he is on a train to success with these snacks that have seduced many in the country.

“The recognition the brand is getting, the opportunities coming our way and the ability to give back are incredible. I couldn’t have asked for anything better,” he said.

Hippeas is right on trend, with a unique product appealing to many people in the modern world, including those with gluten sensitivities or issues with GMOs in their food. The product is relatively new but is fast becoming a much-loved snack for millions of Americans with the desire for a healthy alternative to the regular potato chips habit. Hopefully for the brand, this is only the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the most popular coffee chain in the United States.