What You Can Learn From Dr. Mark McKenna Experience

Mark McKenna is a certified by the Florida State Board of Medical Examiner and is also approved for Surgery and medicine by Georgia Board respectively. He has an MBA in medicine from Tulane Medical School. Immediately after completing his MBA, he began practicing what he has learned with his father who later opened a McKenna Venture Investment.

The Venture which Dr. Mark McKenna operated dealt with real estate and mortgage lending and also uptown titles. As it grew, it offered well-designed buildings, real estate closing deals, and finances.

In 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta where he opened the ShapeMed medical practice which dealt with aesthetic and wellness. In 2014, Dr. Mark McKenna sold the method to Lifetime Fitness Inc. but stayed with the company for two years a medical director.

Currently, Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder and Chief Executive officer of OVME which deals with technology, consumer-facing, and aesthetic elective healthcare. The technology allows detection of diseases through electoral devices which some are used to treat specific illnesses.

Mark McKenna opened up the company because he had enough experience to manage any related medical cases. He Sets goals which help him achieve most of his intentions; he values meditation which helps him set valuable goals in his life.

He openly declares that speed with no direction is meaningless, one should work with speed to achieve something, not to finish. He advocates people to stop smoking, and he also loves reading.

His real estate business collapsed when there was a hurricane in New Orleans which is his hometown. He helped rebuild the city and later went on to start his ShapeMed practice.

The OVME is an application which aims at helping people with medical services they require urgently r those that can be accessed online. The app will help people get services they need from a specialist.

He acknowledges that business is better than medicine, this is through his experience with his father who was a medical doctor. He worked with his father for five years. He is married and has children.


Jennifer Walden Cherishes The Family She Has And Her Career

One of the great things in life is to have and be a big part of a community. Jennifer Walden is a big part of the Austin Texas community and has recently moved back there from Manhattan. Jennifer took a position briefly in New York. She was working with a doctor there that specialized in the ear, nose, and eyes. This surgeon taught Jennifer how to speak in the community and how to do her best when performing surgeries. Jennifer moved to Austin Texas community and opened a satellite office to help people with things like reconstruction surgeries and small non-invasive surgeries. Jennifer won several awards for her experiences. She is also a person that is recognized for her contributions to beauty magazines and talk shows.


Jennifer Walden is very important to her community and to women everywhere. She speaks out regularly and teaches people the importance of taking care of oneself. Women and men can take care of themselves by using sunscreen and other things to avoid burns and too much sun exposure. The person that spends a lot of time in the sun needs to care for their skin by covering up and keeping from burns. Too much sun exposure can lead to a lot of wrinkles later in life. Jennifer helps people understand how to care for their skin and how to protect their skin from damage. She also speaks out in beauty surgeon publications. She teaches others how to perform non-invasive procedures like Botox and Lasix.


One of the most important awards Jennifer has is her two sons. She cherishes them and makes sure they have everything they need. Jennifer moved back home so she would be close to her own parents. Her children are involved in many sports and group activities. Jennifer makes sure she attends these events because she knows that every minute in the life of her children is precious.