Andrew Rolfe Aids The Ubuntu Fund To Serve Disadvantaged People

As the chairperson of the Ubuntu Fund, Rolfe has been on the forefront of helping hundreds of disadvantaged people. In a gala dinner that took the entire night, the organizers of the event posited that the raised amount surpassed their expectations. Initially, they had planned to raise £600,000. The management of the Fund said that they managed to raise over £603,000. The event was held with the objective of raising adequate funds to support disadvantaged children in Africa.

This money shall be used to enhance the capacity of students at the Fund’s Port Elizabeth campus. Moreover, some funds will be used in improving the campus’s pediatric clinic. To date, the institution has helped more than 400,000 needy persons. At the Fund’s Port Elizabeth campus, they have an ongoing program that focuses on enhancing the health and educational needs of the disadvantaged children. The Ubuntu Fund has been helping needy children right from their formative years up until when they start their respective careers. Initially, the Fund focused on educational matters. However, they realized that HIV and hunger was hindering children from achieving their goals in life. To this end, the management of the Fund decided to broaden their services to include health, home stability and nutrition.

Some of the people who attended the gala dinner were respected philanthropists and socialites. Andrew Rolfe played a pivotal role in welcoming all the guests on behalf of the Ubuntu Fund. He also ensured that they were provided with a variety of cuisines and music. A beneficiary of the Fund’s scholarship, Sinesipho Rabidyani, gave an inspiring speech. She talked of how she had a troubling childhood given that her father had a drinking problem. Today, Sinesipho is studying law courtesy of a scholarship from the Ubuntu Fund.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew is an alumnus of St. Edmund Hall, Harvard Business School and the University of Oxford. Besides serving as the chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Rolfe renders his services to TowerBook Capital Partners as the managing director.

Previously, the executive worked for the Gap. He was also a committed employee of PepsiCo Restaurants International and WH Smith PLC. Rolfe is credited for enhancing the operations of these organizations in the international market.