Talkspace Changing Mental Health

Today’s world provides so much updated technology allowing the world to be constantly at everyone’s fingertips. However, this constant communication isn’t always a positive. In fact, this added access to the internet could lead to a rise in depression. However, services such as Talkspace are working to change how we think about mental health. Talkspace offers a variety of online ways to communicate with a mental health professional, such as by video calls and through texting. There are a number of benefits; it’s more affordable than meeting in person and allows for more flexibility in arranging meetings. It also provides more privacy for those who may be concerned about being seen going to a counselor. Talkspace also aids in ending some of the stigmas associated with mental health treatment by making it more accessible and more normal.

Talkspace allows users to access counselors and mental health professionals on their own times. Clients can be contacted when it works with their schedules, such as via text during their morning commute on public transportation. This flexibility makes pursuing mental health care much more accessible to people in all walks of life.

One major benefit of Talkspace is getting matched with a therapist by someone who is trained to accomplish the task. Instead of searching on your own, or looking for the cheapest available in network provider, Talkspace pairs its clients with a therapist that is best suited to meet the needs of the client. Clients can also tell Talkspace about specific concerns they’re dealing with in order to be matched with an ideal therapist. By customizing the therapist to the patient, Talkspace allows its patients to receive optimum care from their therapists, all with the ease and flexibility of online and phone based care.