NewsWatch TV Delivers for Its Affiliates

NewsWatch TV works hard at delivering on customer expectations. One company purchased advertising through the NewsWatch TV program in order to support an IndieGoGo campaign. IndieGoGo helps support various projects by facilitating crowdfunding projects. One drawback exists with IndieGogo. If you can’t reach your monthly goal, you get none of the money raised. Even failing slightly short ruins the project. A client worked with NewsWatch TV to raise money through IndieGoGo and exceeded expectations. That’s one positive assessment for working with NewsWatch TV. And it is one positive assessment out of many.

NewsWatch TV previously worked with a multitude of high-profile clients. Sony and Intel list as two of the companies. Several other big-name corporations developed working relationships with NewsWatch TV. That alone speaks tremendously about how successful the company is.

So, what exactly is NewsWatch TV’s primary business? NewsWatch TV is a television program that covers technology and app news along with other subjects such as entertainment and even medical news. Companies working with NewsWatch TV to produce informational segments report positive results. Steelseries worked with Newswatch TV to promote gaming gear. The gear ended up being promoted to an estimated 95 million households thanks to NewsWatch TV.

SayGus the smartphone manufacturer signed on with NewsWatch TV to promote their wares. SayGus also worked with NewsWatch TV to run an IndieGoGo campaign. To say SayGus was thrilled with the results would be an understatement. SayGus pulled in upwards of $1.3 million with the campaign.

NewsWatch TV airs on Monday mornings on the AMC Network and Ion Television affiliates. The program also airs in syndication on a variety of local channels. The variety of subjects covered on the programs makes it engaging to watch.


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