Ara Chackerian: Appraising Healthcare Startups

For many innovators in the healthcare sector, the spectacular growth of startups is never a surprise. As the economy continues to broaden, many healthcare enterprises are thriving on an incredible output influence as well as a venture influx. The fact is that starts up developments are boosting their footprints in a well-established robust sector of the economy. For Ara Chackerian, this is not a surprise. He says that the new investors in the field are here to drive the value and innovation.


Nevertheless, investors now remain very apprehensive about the startups they underwrite. As many startups maintain their healthy cash positions, the major venture capitalists are worried that the investments they make are not resulting in acquisitions, mergers or even initial public offerings.


The Supremacy of Information


Ara Chackerian noted some years ago that some healthcare innovations such as AI, digital imaging, Robots to mention but a few could boost the patient outcomes as well as streamline the entire medical industry. Advocating for Some novel concepts such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, the great businessman asked the investors to note that any innovation done will boost the overall success as well as sustainability of the project.


Things such as digital record keeping along with the Big Data computing, and advanced diagnosis are some of the mature technologies taking over the healthcare establishments. With that, great ideas must be boosted by investments. Being a Part operator and a part marketer, Ara Chackerian comprehends that the success of any startup program mostly depends on the innovation the entrepreneurs make, the sales made and returns that are acquired from there. Check out



The Life of Ara Chackerian


Ara Chackerian is a renowned entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and angel investors. He is the managing director of the famous ASC Capital Holdings. Besides, Ara has invested in several early-stage healthcare firms which have the objective of reinventing the entire US healthcare system. Check out



Ara has over 20 years of experience in the development of building healthcare enterprises. He is also a co-founder of several Companies including the BMC Diagnosis, PipelineRx, and the great TMS Health Solutions. He is a B.S marketing graduate from the Florida State University.



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