Mina Ebrahimi: Catering With A Philanthropic Heart

Mina Ebrahimi has had great success since she ventured into the catering business. She established Saint Germain Catering back in 1998 to provide services to the VA market. The firm has since become a prominent feature in weddings and special events. It prides itself in a dynamic client base across Virginia, Maryland, and Washington.

Her parents were immigrants who owned a bakery in Seven Corners. It was here that she learned her trade and developed a passion for cooking at a tender age. When they rebranded as Saint Germain Cafe, Mina Ebrahimi became responsible for the smooth running of the day-to-day activities of the business. She had set her sights on higher things and thus opted to start Saint Germain Catering.

Mina Ebrahimi established the firm from scratch, and it now caters for close to 1000 events every week. Efficiency in service delivery has ensured that their clients keep coming back for more. They also provide a flexible menu that seeks to cater to the needs of their diverse clients.

She attributes much of her success to the amazing employees that have worked for her over the years. Mina Ebrahimi made a point of treating them in a dignified way, and the results were tremendous. Everyone who has had an opportunity to work alongside her has given their best knowing that their efforts are well appreciated.

Her success in the business world has not gone unnoticed. The Smart CEO’s Brava Award is one of the many accolades she has received throughout her illustrious career. Mina Ebrahimi has extended her support to non-profit organizations with the intention of giving back to the society.

The 25th Project that takes care of the homeless, and Operation Homefront DC for military families are some of the beneficiaries of her philanthropic work. Mina Ebrahimi also set up the Jack-Ebrahimi and Mina Ebrahimi foundations to lend a hand to different causes.

For close to four years now, she has also given considerably towards finding a solution to breast cancer. Mina Ebrahimi has successfully raised funds for cancer research through a cupcake program. The inspiration for this charity work came from a visit to Upenn Vet. Their lead oncologist, Dr. Karin Sorenmo, attended to her pet and Mina Ebrahimi saw the need to finance breast cancer research projects



The Successful Career of Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi

About Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is a renowned professional banker with over four decades in experience. He is one of the few individuals who has led a successful career. Anil Chaturvedi has worked in some notable financial institutions and banks where he has gained vast experiences in corporate advisory, investment banking, private banking, corporate banking, mergers and acquisition, and cross-border transactions between Europe and India.

Anil Chaturvedi was enrolled in Meerut University India where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1971. He decided to further his education and was enrolled at Delhi University School of Economics where he was awarded a masters in Economics and Finance. He gathered knowledge which later had an impact on his successful career.

Job Experiences

Anil Chaturvedi is one of the few individuals who have exquisite job portfolios. He has worked in several firms where he has seen himself earn ranks and high-status job. He has high skills when it comes to the fields of wealth management, investment banking, financial analysis, marketing strategy, financial markets, risk management, business strategy, equities, and corporate finance. Anil Chaturvedi has worked in many countries as a professional banker who has led him to learn multiple languages.

In 1987, Anil Chaturvedi was appointed as the manager in charge of development and planning at the State Bank of India. Here, Anil was responsible for strategic planning and implementation of the strategy to capture more clients. Four years after his appointment, the new plan had recorded over $500 million under the leadership of Anil Chaturvedi.

After he had left the State Bank of India in 1991, Anil Chaturvedi was named as the Vice President and the Senior Representative for the US operations. He was tasked with the responsibility of product development, compliance issues, and leadership skills.

In 1993, Anil Chaturvedi became the managing director of Merrill Lynch, a wealth solution bank. He spent 17 years in this firm until it became one of the top wealth advisory firms across the globe.

Anil Chaturvedi currently serves as the managing director of Hinduja bank where he mainly facilitates the cross-border transaction between Europe and India.



Why is Deirdre Baggot’s heart set on bundled payments?

White, pale walls, the stench of medicine and the sight of sickness everywhere is the reason most of us detest hospitals. Some people will only visit the doctor when too ill, and the illness is just not going away. Bundled payments will, however, help patients because while it may not improve the drudgery of hospitals, it will help them save on medical care. Medicine and healthcare are expensive in America and debates to have raged on as to when the change will anchor. The conversation is about to change as the tide has turned and programs like Medicare is adopting bundled payment plans.

Baggot’s thoughts on bundled payments

Healthcare consulters have experienced panicked patients, confused ones and some who have no clue about their health care payment options. Sometimes it is hard to understand medical jargon and lacing it with various payment plans is not a downhill task. Baggot took it upon herself to educate the ignorant masses on their position regarding the payment option. Learn more about Dairdre Baggot at Crunchbase.

Patients have often expressed concern that doctors are offering extra ‘checkups’ even when they don’t need them. The theory is that provided a patient has medical cover; they do this to exploit and extort the insurance companies. Whether true or merely speculation, Deidre Baggot is positive that the narrative is about to change as bundled payments will encourage physicians to provide what a patient needs. While saving patients that detest the hospital for extra ‘torture,’ it will also save them money. Patients will also enjoy discount benefits.

Some players in the medical world are not very enthusiastic about the bundled payment options, but Baggot begs to differ. She is sure that responsibility will take a positive spin as accountability is made easier by the innovation which requires health centers to be as open as possible by the bundled payments which are evidence in themselves. No one thrives in an investigation or wants scandal at their doorsteps, and bundled payments may be the only jolt the healthcare world needs.

About Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot is a healthcare consultant and vice president of the Camden Group. She is a firm advocate for bundled payments and speaks her mind on the subject without fail. Deirdre Baggot’s voice and standing for what she believes in have seen her speak at events, on radio and other shows. In her free time, she authors academic papers and articles alike, expressing her love for bundled payments. View: https://vimeo.com/101082351


Three of Lawrence Bender’s Contributions to Film

6 Academy Awards and 29 nominations: these are the accolades of Lawrence Bender as a film producer. As a philanthropist, Lawrence Bender has been honored by his former university and by the ACLU. He was given an honorary degree from the University of Maine, where he previously earned a civil engineering degree, and he was awarded the Torch of Liberty by the ACLU.

Compared to other top Hollywood producers, Bender has an incredible resume of films. Not only has he worked with Tarantino on a majority of his career, Bender also worked with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck on their screenwriting debut. This film was Good WIll Hunting, an incredible film about a young genius who would rather his intelligence be kept secret than to have it flaunted. Robin Williams also stars in the moving, taking on the role of the therapist of the protagonist. The film obtained two Oscars. Robin Williams took home the award for Best Supporting Actor; Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were given Best Original Screenplay.

More recently, Lawrence Bender produced a television show for Netflix called Seven Seconds. The plot of this show tackles the controversial subject of police and racism. When a police officer, distracted by his cell phone, runs over a young black teenager, the racial turmoil in the town boils over. As the police struggle to cover up the hit and run accident, attempting to save their colleague from imprisonment, certain members of the community make an effort to uncover the truth.

Lawrence Bender also worked closely with Al Gore, the former Vice-President of the United States on two documentaries. These two documentaries tackle the subject of climate change and aims to educate the masses about the realities of the problem. The first film, An Inconvenient Truth, did outstanding at the box office despite the fact that documentaries normally do not have theatrical releases.


Shervin Pishevar Does Not Shy Away From The Truth

There are certain truths that people do not necessarily want to hear. A lot of times people would rather bury their head in the sand than acknowledge something that they are less than comfortable admitting or talking about. That is not the kind of person that Shervin Pishevar is though. He simply cares about getting the truth out there.

Right now, Shervin Pishevar is the kind of person who puts his ideas out to the world in the form of tweets. He has long been interested in using the micro-blogging social network to help spread the ideas that he has that he believes that others need to hear. It has worked in that many more people are seeing his messages than ever before. This is result of the fact that he has become a popular voice on Twitter.

Part of the reason why Shervin Pishevar has had little trouble finding an audience is that he was an early investor in Uber. He proved at that moment that he already knew what he was doing when it came to finding good investments. If he could do that well with his personal account then perhaps he could also provide insight advice for others.

The kind of things that Shervin Pishevar puts on his Twitter account are not always from the department of popular opinions. He frequently wades into issues in a way that makes some of the elites uncomfortable. This is because he is not afraid to point out that the emperor has no clothes. He has been doing so more and more lately as the stock market continues to rise despite a lack of fundamental reason why it should at least according to Pishevar.

This is one area that he believes things have gotten out of hand. He would like to see the market pullback by at least twenty percent before he would recommend that people look into buying into it again. This is just the kind of correction that he believes is most likely to happen in our near future. With those things in mind, it is a good idea to check out what Mr. Pishevar has to say on Twitter.


NewsWatch TV Delivers for Its Affiliates

NewsWatch TV works hard at delivering on customer expectations. One company purchased advertising through the NewsWatch TV program in order to support an IndieGoGo campaign. IndieGoGo helps support various projects by facilitating crowdfunding projects. One drawback exists with IndieGogo. If you can’t reach your monthly goal, you get none of the money raised. Even failing slightly short ruins the project. A client worked with NewsWatch TV to raise money through IndieGoGo and exceeded expectations. That’s one positive assessment for working with NewsWatch TV. And it is one positive assessment out of many.

NewsWatch TV previously worked with a multitude of high-profile clients. Sony and Intel list as two of the companies. Several other big-name corporations developed working relationships with NewsWatch TV. That alone speaks tremendously about how successful the company is.

So, what exactly is NewsWatch TV’s primary business? NewsWatch TV is a television program that covers technology and app news along with other subjects such as entertainment and even medical news. Companies working with NewsWatch TV to produce informational segments report positive results. Steelseries worked with Newswatch TV to promote gaming gear. The gear ended up being promoted to an estimated 95 million households thanks to NewsWatch TV.

SayGus the smartphone manufacturer signed on with NewsWatch TV to promote their wares. SayGus also worked with NewsWatch TV to run an IndieGoGo campaign. To say SayGus was thrilled with the results would be an understatement. SayGus pulled in upwards of $1.3 million with the campaign.

NewsWatch TV airs on Monday mornings on the AMC Network and Ion Television affiliates. The program also airs in syndication on a variety of local channels. The variety of subjects covered on the programs makes it engaging to watch.


Stream Energy’s Stunning Philanthropic Deeds in the Community

During the Hurricane Harvey when more than 56 inches of rain destroyed Houston and its neighborhoods, many companies in the United States and beyond were stranded as the floods claimed lives and destroyed the property of many Americans. However, a few companies took part in helping the victims to recover after the floods. A Dallas based company called Stream Energy was in the forefront, it spent money it has acquired from its investments and energy sakes to fund the recovery process. The donation was also meant to ease the financial needs of their customers who lived in the area.

Corporate philanthropy is part of Stream’s DNA. The company established a charity foundation called “Stream Cares” in the recent past. The foundation is meant to formalize the philanthropic activities of the company in Texas and other parts of the country as well. Stream Energy has been involved in charitable activities for a couple of years. In the Hurricane Harvey case, the company demonstrated how the company deems corporate philanthropy as a major facet of its brand. Establishing a distinct philanthropy arm is a new spectacle for corporations and other business enterprises. Moreover, the act provides dual advantages to the company. While giving back to the community, Stream Energy also earns the respect as well as the loyalty of its customers and prospects in the area. Corporate philanthropy often highly publicized and it is helpful in the events of low profits and scandals.

In retrospect, Corporate America is highly generous. In 2016 alone, businesses in the United States donated approximately 19 billion U.S dollars to several charities in the United States and beyond. Stream has also been active in grassroots donations by partnering with humanitarian organizations like the Red Cross Organization and Habitat for Humanity. Stream Energy has a simple business model that involves selling its products directly to the consumers and paying its associates to deliver its products to their clients and create a group of loyal customers. Stream Energy offers residential as well as corporate services that range from clean energy to telemedicine. Stream associates often earn commissions proportional to their sales. The company is improving the Dallas and Texas communities through corporate generosity and dedication to help the less fortunate people in the community.


What You Can Learn From Dr. Mark McKenna Experience

Mark McKenna is a certified by the Florida State Board of Medical Examiner and is also approved for Surgery and medicine by Georgia Board respectively. He has an MBA in medicine from Tulane Medical School. Immediately after completing his MBA, he began practicing what he has learned with his father who later opened a McKenna Venture Investment.

The Venture which Dr. Mark McKenna operated dealt with real estate and mortgage lending and also uptown titles. As it grew, it offered well-designed buildings, real estate closing deals, and finances.

In 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta where he opened the ShapeMed medical practice which dealt with aesthetic and wellness. In 2014, Dr. Mark McKenna sold the method to Lifetime Fitness Inc. but stayed with the company for two years a medical director.

Currently, Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder and Chief Executive officer of OVME which deals with technology, consumer-facing, and aesthetic elective healthcare. The technology allows detection of diseases through electoral devices which some are used to treat specific illnesses.

Mark McKenna opened up the company because he had enough experience to manage any related medical cases. He Sets goals which help him achieve most of his intentions; he values meditation which helps him set valuable goals in his life.

He openly declares that speed with no direction is meaningless, one should work with speed to achieve something, not to finish. He advocates people to stop smoking, and he also loves reading.

His real estate business collapsed when there was a hurricane in New Orleans which is his hometown. He helped rebuild the city and later went on to start his ShapeMed practice.

The OVME is an application which aims at helping people with medical services they require urgently r those that can be accessed online. The app will help people get services they need from a specialist.

He acknowledges that business is better than medicine, this is through his experience with his father who was a medical doctor. He worked with his father for five years. He is married and has children.


Sightsavers Research Center to Help Eyecare Specialists Globally

Leading the charge against eye disease and other neglected tropical diseases is an organization committed to bringing change around the world. Sightsavers, a non-governmental organization, is dedicated to treating blindness and promoting equality and inclusion for those with disabilities.


The organization recently launched a research center as well as a website to provide resources for other researchers, academics, and policymakers who are interested in eye health.


The website offers an extensive library of Sightsavers research activities as well as current and future projects. Additional information can be found in publications the site hosts as part of Sightsavers project to study the resources needed for marginalized groups to have access to adequate eye care.


Another key component of the website is the evidence gap maps provided by Sightsavers. The maps are an innovative tool that highlights evidence around specific areas of work, and details where gaps exist so that researchers can better serve the communities they’re helping.


These maps also assist with making health care systems more inclusive, as they show the particular demographics that affected by poor health care options. Not to mention information and updates on Sightsavers current and future projects including a study of medical practitioners in rural India and assessments of eye-health systems in Sub-Sahara Africa.


Director of Research, Elena Schmidt is excited and proud of the research center’s website. She hopes that the online research center will help others access to research projects and findings in order to find solutions for some of the world’s health problems.


Sightsaver’s research center is driving the organization forward into new territory. As of June 2017, Sightsavers was awarded Independent Research Organization status by the Research Councils of the United Kingdom. This makes Sightsavers the only international NGO to hold this status.


The IRO status also means that Sightsavers can conduct more extensive and comprehensive research. IRO status allows Sightsavers to apply for grants from at least seven UK research councils including the Medical Research Council and the Economic and Social Research Council.


Sightsavers is changing the world, through their dedication to eradicating preventable blindness, tropical diseases, and seeking to include marginalized groups in health studies, Sightsavers is becoming a lifeline, many people didn’t know they had.


Sightsavers, founded in 1950 by Sir John Wilson, has to date treated more than 295 million people against onchocerciasis also called river blindness. The charity has also treated 43 million people with antibiotcs for trachoma, and performed over six million cataract operations.

Kamil Idris on the Rise of the African Economy

Africa has around 1.2 billion inhabitants. It also puts out 99% of the world’s supply of chrome, 85% of its supply of platinum, and 54% of its supply of gold. As a result of its tremendously growing natural resource output, Africa as a whole is coming out of mass poverty and having an increasingly stronger part of the global economy. The whole world is watching to see what choices it will make to this end. Africa can currently be split into two economic sectors: Sub-Sahara that that has an average of $3,300 per capita and North Africa that has an average of $11,000 per capita.


Although the Sub-Sahara region has a much smaller average income, its economy is growing at a much faster rate. This area of Africa is seeing an increasingly higher employment percentage. The massive growth in multiple sectors of the workforce does not show any signs of slowing down. This does not mean that Africa has not experienced any recent economic setbacks whatsoever. There are those countries throughout Africa that have for whatever reason remained impoverished with a stagnant economy.


There are a couple of reasons why this may have been the case. 1) Political instability – harsh governments have made it nearly impossible for some countries to improve themselves. 2) Some of these countries have been hit harder by the dropping oil prices – oil trade between African countries is a trillion dollar business, but this inter-Africa trade has been lessening in value of late. But many of these impoverished countries are at the same time being positively benefitted by the growing economy of neighboring countries.


But there is light at the end of the tunnel for these still impoverished nations. It looks like the prices of oil will be picking up in the near future. Africa as a whole has a bright future ahead of it.