Susan McGalla: Courageous Woman Setting Standards for Leadership

Diversity is a great thing to embrace in any business. According to statistics, businesses that embrace diversity in most areas are likely to outdo those that do not embrace it. For example, statistics show that companies that are diverse in gender are likely to outperform those that do not by a 15 percent margin. Again, ethnically diverse companies are expected to outdo others with a 35 percent margin. This is to say that diversity brings about new ideas into the business and hence, multiple perspectives are brought into place. Unfortunately, even with such information revealed, women in most companies hold very few positions. This makes women suffer a mile while trying to rise to the success ladder in any company. In fact, many women struggle to get to high posts in organizations that are likely to be dominated by men. With this struggle known to some women like Susan McGalla, she has strongly led the way for many women into leadership.

Susan McGalla recognizes how she has risen above her comfort zone to work with different genders as her workmates. She narrates that this began since she was a child. Her father was a football coach. She was born with two other brothers. This made her begin to realize that she had to push for what she wanted and moved along with this perspective in life. Susan rose up in various ranks in the American Eagle Outfitters. When she joined the company, she found out that all the other executives were men. Susan later became its president before she left to establish P3 Executive Consulting firm. Currently, Susan McGalla serves in the position of a vice president for the well-known Business Strategy & Creative Development at Pittsburgh Steelers. It is not a surprise to her that the industry is saturated with men. She does her work with dedication as if she was among the men and that is what makes her shine and inhabit many high positions in the companies.

Alongside her career, Susan McGalla has exclusively given her views and speeches on women in business. She is not scared to sit with men in board meetings and executive leadership forums.

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