How The Brown Modelling Agency Came To Be



As a college student, Justin Brown helped pay for his tuition and other costs by both working at a modeling agency and being a model himself. He says the type of modeling he specialized in was fit modeling. The company he modeled for, Lucky Brand, would create clothing for his body type and he would then model in it. He was usually modeling what is called “skinny jeans” today but back when he was doing this they were known as “rocker jeans”. He got paid $100 an hour which was fantastic money, especially compared to his past job where he washed golf carts for $6 an hour.

While at college, Justin Brown majored in business management. He really enjoyed the world of modeling and so decided to pursue opportunities in that field when he graduated. He worked at a number of modeling firms before ending up in what is called “development and placement”. His job was to train models into being professionals at their craft. Once this training was completed he would then “place” them, which is a fancy way of saying that he found them modeling gigs. The ones that showed enough promise he would help push into the big time.

Since that time Justin Brown has become an entrepreneur. He owns and operates Brown Agency. This modeling agency is located in Austin, Texas, and he is the president. His first company in this industry was Wilhelmina Brown. He merged his company with another company in the same industry in Austin called Heyman Talent South. The sum was greater than the parts and Brown Agency is now a top modeling agency in Austin. His offices are currently temporarily on top of a Zen Japanese Fast Food joint but he is looking to move into more permanent digs.

To date, Brown Agency has helped over 500 people develop careers as models. He says his agency helps people know how to pose and the facial expressions needed to really sell a look and a product. He then gets models to have a set of great photos which are used to market their services to some of the world’s biggest agencies. His agency is able to find modeling jobs for around 20-30% of their clients which is really high in the modeling world.


On Market Wired, Justin Brown says that some people give companies like his the side eye because they don’t understand paying an agency to be trained as a model. People are also skeptical that their services and training are legit. As he points out, the Texas Workforce Commission regulates his industry making sure there aren’t bad actors. Also, his company fully manages expectations for potential models and never makes promises to them that can’t be kept.



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