Come Again? How The Great Translation Feature By Class Dojo Is Connecting Teachers And Students Even When There Is A Language Barrier

Over the years,the ClassDojo has proven to be a humongous asset to classrooms of every stripe all over the world. It isn’t in just one way either. That translation feature has helped educators utilize more and more teachable moments and provide their students with a huge knowledge base as the world citizens they are. In fact, a recent article by the California Blog probably puts it best.

They know how ClassDojo is a communication platform that joins students teachers and other classrooms together all over the world. How do they do this? one of the ways is through fostering community building. Of course, the administrators of ClassDojo realize there is actually plenty of room for concern in this area.

Indeed, the United States continues to be a nation of immigrants, and recent statistics show that up to 10% of the American student population is not fluent in English. This all begs the question, how Do Native English-speaking teachers connect with these ethnic groups? This is yet again where ClassDojo comes in. This program has shown how effective it can be in joining the classroom with the home environment of the student, no matter what their ethnic group might be.

With ClassDojo, teachers are able to increase the possibility that non english-speaking parents will feel more empowered to get involved in their classrooms. This is because ClassDojo is essentially a communication app that allows all teachers and parents to connect in a strong and powerful way. ClassDojo is now utilized in over 90 percent of American classrooms and has infrastructure available in 35 different languages.

The great thing about ClassDojo is that it can be used with any device that has a web browser. Another great thing about this system would be that it is free for all teachers. Ask any educator who has used this and they will be quick to tell you it is a huge asset and helps them to create a positive culture with ground-up change!

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