Louis Chenevert: The Leader Behind The Accomplished Work History of United Technologies

A good business leader has to have the courage to face failures and the tenacity to ignore the distractions that cause unrest. There are many ways and styles of leadership, but the elements of courage and discipline are what keep the business operations sustainable and thriving, especially for fantastic leaders like Louis R. Chenevert.

There’s a lot to be said about the career of Louis Chenevert, and we sometimes don’t know where to start. We could start by saying that he’s well-known right now as the Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation. His work for the company has proven to be instrumental in its growth and happens to be an excellent example to all the people in the workforce. However, it could be important to say that his work at United Technologies would not have been this exemplary if he didn’t go work for Pratt and Whitney first last April 1999. It was there that he learned the fundamentals of business management, and implemented strategies that later would form Mr. Chenevert’s distinct leadership style.

With the help of Mr. Chenevert, United Technologies had also reached a different level of success that only used to be reserved for elite companies. He was able to integrate profound approaches and business strategies that would then lead the company to prosper into areas that before were just mere ambition. Some of the propositions led successfully by Mr. Chenevert are the F135 Engine proposition and GTF Engine plan. These are two of the programs that helped Chenevert get the leverage it needs not just to beat the competition of United, but to also stay relevant enough that clients would return always to do business with them again.

Asked how he generates ideas for his companies, Mr. Chenevert simply said in an interview with Ideamensch that he simply uses the the operational talent that he sources from the best of his company’s engineers. He also mentioned the importance of making things small, and to focus on these small teams’ collaborative effort instead of making a gigantic team that’s prone to messing up the process.


The Success of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is one of the largest market players in the food industry across the globe. The OSI Industry industries were founded back in 1909 in Illinois, and the founders were immigrants from Mexico. Despite the humble beginnings, OSI Industry boosts more than 20000 employees, 65 outlets in across 17 countries. Since its inception back in 19th century, the company has progressively incorporated technology in delivering services and as a result remaining relevant to the current market. The primary objective of the OSI Industries is to provide concept-to-table solutions that are satisfactory to the consumer across the globe. Thus to achieve the above objective, OSI Industries has partnered with worlds retail food brands and world’s leading foodservice to ensure their clients are delighted with the quality of services provided. One of the factors which has enabled the Industries to remain on top despite the numerous challenges in the food industry is entrepreneurial passion and agility in delivering quality services to the customers.

In the recent times, OSI Industries has taken another giant step in expanding portfolio by forming a merger with Turi Foods. The merger occurred between the OSI International Foods and Turi Foods leading to a new company be known as Turosi Pty Ltd. Merging the two giant food companies in Australia happened at the right time and since it brings together two companies whose culture is similar. OSI and Turi operate in the same market, and the merger will enable them to create synergy and as a result get a competitive edge. Turi Foods has facilities throughout the Australia State of Victoria and based in Thomastown. It mainly supplies quick-service restaurants, supermarkets, specialty butcher shops, chicken retailers and roast chicken outlets, since it’s one of the largest poultry processors in the country. On the other hand, OSI International Foods (Australia) deals with supplying quick-service restaurants, retail outlets, and foodservice across Asia offering a wide range of solutions to the customers.

Therefore, the merger between OSI and Turi will bring significant benefits to their clientele base. For instance, both companies have built their business on strong reputation with their customers as president and COO of OSI Industries is quoted saying during the merger. The merger will also make it possible for the OSI and Turi to serve their customers with new innovative ways and to provide new opportunities for the organizations to experience profitability. Consequently, despite the merger, the companies will continue to operate their plants as they did earlier.

For details: www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group

The Success of The Academy of Art University

If you’re generally interested in liberal arts or generally interested in design, then you’ve probably heard of the Academy of Art University. This San Francisco-based school has been building successful careers for its plethora of graduates. Academy of Art University is just like any other higher-learning institution. On the other hand, it is different from most higher-learning institutions. The school specializes in liberal arts, specializes in design and specializes in entertainment. The school’s campus has numerous exhibits, offers student housing and provides access to nearly 1,600 educators.


The action-packed movie, “Avengers Infinity War,” has made its mark on mainstream culture. This film is breaking records as we speak, and it now owns the record for having the biggest opening weekend. This is the second big hit from Marvel this year as “Black Panther” was the previous mega hit. Academy of Art University’s Jan Philip Cramer has worked as the film’s animation supervisor. This particular film has top-tier animation and stunning visual effects. Cramer is a former-graduate of AAU, and he credits this school for his big success. “I am very happy that I studied at AAU because it provided me with a well-rounded perspective on art,” said Cramer. Cramer has also been heavily involved with the production of other Hollywood hits like “Resurgence,” “Deadpool” and “Independence Day.”


Rotten Tomatoes, a critic’s entertainment website, has given “Avengers Infinity War” a 92 percent rating and IMBD gave the film an 8.9 rating. Cramer is now living his dream and there are many more future projects in the making. The Academy of Art University is changing the game by raising its standards. It is building successful careers at an alarming rate thanks to its top-tier educators. All in all, this phenomenal school for the arts is laying the blueprint for success in liberal as well as laying the blueprint for success in design.


OSI Food Solutions: Making A Concerted Effort To Expand Internationally

When German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky founded his family meat market Otto & Sons in 1909 in Oak Park, Illinois, it was known for its quality products. Today, over 109 years later, the name of the company has changed to OSI Food Solutions, but its reputation for quality products still endures. However, while the company originally primarily served customers in the Chicago area, OSI Food Solutions now has millions of customers in 85 different countries on 5 continents. Plus, the company no longer just supplies meat. OSI Food Solutions also provides dough, vegetable, poultry and fish products.

By the 1920s, Otto & Sons had increased their customer base to include restaurants and supermarkets throughout Illinois. In the 1950s they expanded their customer base by agreeing to provide beef patties for the McDonald’s franchise as it grew nationally. When Sheldon Lavin took over the company in the 1980s, he not only changed its name to OSI Food Solutions, he began taking the company’s products to a worldwide audience. Today, OSI Food Solutions has 70 facilities for processing food in 17 countries. Still, the focus of the company has remained providing the highest quality products.

Europe has been a major target of the global expansion efforts of OSI Food Solutions. The company recently acquired Netherlands based Baho Foods and UK based Flagship Europe. Adding those companies to its portfolio gives OSI Food Solutions new customers in an additional 23 European countries. The company also has food production facilities and customers in Hungary, Poland and Spain. But by using both acquisition and the building of new facilities, OSI Food Solutions continues to add millions of customers. Yet they were still able to win the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor for excellent environmental sustainability practices in its facilities.

OSI Food Solutions has also made major inroads in Asia. It has facilities and customers in India, Japan and the Philippines. The company also has a huge customer base in China. The 10 poultry processing facilities it has built there over the past two decades has made it China’s largest poultry processor. Plus, OSI Food Solutions provides dough, vegetable and meat products to McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Starbucks and many other Western fast food companies that operate in China. OSI Food Solutions also creates many delicious, nutritious products designed to meet the unique taste of its customers in China, India and throughout Asia.

For More info: de.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

Richard Dwayne Blair: Understanding Investing And Financial Planning

Looking for investing advice? If you are wondering where to get top notch advice or guidance with investment or financial planning, don’t fret. There are resources that can help you get good results with your money management and financial planning. Richard Dwayne Blair has been catering to clients for a long time and has the vast experience to meet your needs.


In order to get the best advice for investment or money management, your financial advisor has to have access to your personal information and financial records. Investment advisors need to know about current financial situation of their client. They need to have information like liabilities, assets, tolerance for risks, and skills including work experience and educational level. This information will help your advisor to create the best plan that can help you reach your goal, and to ensure that your investment will yield significant returns.


With a good advisor like Richard Dwayne Blair, clients can expect crucial information, such as the right investment vehicle – whether to purchase stocks or mutual funds. Richard Dwayne Blair is knowledgeable about all aspects of investing and can also advise clients on other investment they can within their retirement accounts. An experienced advisor like Richard Dwayne Blair will also let clients know the risks associated with each type of investment.


Many people turn to Richard Dwayne Blair for expert help with their retirement planning, investing and saving for any purpose. You can rely on Richard Dwayne Blair to guide you and let you know what to expect in terms of returns. He can walk you through the entire process of starting, and growing an investment portfolio.


Topic such as investment vehicles, retirement accounts, taxable income will be covered by your investment advisor. You will learn about taxable income and how to set up investments for success.


Richard Dwayne Blair is a leading investment advisory expert and has been running his highly reliable fir, Wealth Solutions. If you consult Richard Dwayne Blair, he will help you understand why it’s a good idea to start investing early.


Igor Cornelsen & Business In Brazil

In normal cases of a suffering economy, a country’s economy crashes along with its banks. In addition to this, during these cases of economic troubles, one financial misfortune leads to another. Now that we have a sense of how a normal economic failure works, it becomes a spectacle to see how Brazilian business has been able to work through this issue. In what is possibly an unheard and rare occurrence in business, business in Brazil has been able to not only keep banks functional during economic downturns but, they have been able to improve them. As wild as that seems, they have been able to do so thanks to brilliant business minds such as Igor Cornelsen.

Having such as vast knowledge on business in general, Igor Cornelsen can easily explain why Brazilian business has been able to accomplish this seemingly impossible task. In addition to this, Igor Cornelsen has been a key figure on why Brazilian business has been able to accomplish this. Furthermore, as if there was any need to say this already comprehensible characterization of Igor Cornelsen, Igor Cornelsen is indeed one of the most successful businessmen in all of Brazil. Having said all of that, here is more on Igor Cornelsen and more on how he has become such a distinguished mind in Brazilian business and, the business industry in general.

More on Igor Cornelsen & How He Has Kept His Success

AS we have mentioned before, Igor Cornelsen is one of the most skilled minds in all of the business industry. In many ways, he has been able to predict economic failures and prepare for them. Overall, this is how Igor Cornelsen has managed to keep his success and importance throughout his career. As gifted as his skills may seem to other professionals, Igor Cornelsen’s abilities can be broken down into very simple strategies. In fact, according to Igor Cornelsen, he has become so knowledgeable of the business industry by simply taking the time to learn its tendencies. That’s right, Igor Cornelsen’s abilities are due to the fact that he has actually taken time to study and learned the ways of business flaws. For one, this shows that Igor Cornelsen is a student of the game before anything else. Also, this is should be an indication of other business professionals that success comes from how much one is willing to learn the ways of business. In many ways, Igor Cornelsen has become a pioneer in the business industry because of what he has been able to produce.

Find out more about Igor Cornelsen: http://reporterexpert.com/brazilian-investment-star-igor-cornelsen-three-tips-help-retire-florida-just-like/

Invest with Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is an investment company that manages assets on behalf of private investors and clients from institutions globally. The firm has over 1800 clients who are served in asset management strategies, private equity, credit and real estate in Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York City. It was founded in 1998 by Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. Currently, Peter Lionel Bridger JR is the chairperson of the executive team of five members who have a broad and wide range of expertise in their areas of specialization. When it launched the NYSE in 2007, it was the largest private equity firm in the United States to be traded publicly. In 2016, the firm managed about $70.2 billion in private equity, liquid hedge, and credit funds.In 2017, the Soft Bank Group (SBG) Corp completed the acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group.

The SBG and its whole-owned subsidiaries now own all its’ shares. The completion of the acquisition followed the approval of the transaction shareholders on 12 July 2017 as well as receipt of all necessary regulatory approvals. The financial results were consolidated and reflected in SBG financial statements. Henceforth, it has operated within SBG as an independent business maintaining the same brand, business model, culture, and personnel.Many employees are positive working in Fortress Investment Group. The company has been described as the fast-paced company with the excellent management team and high turnover. The personnel exhibits a lot of professionalism to employees who are motivated once they start their career. Also, the company has availed a dynamic environment and the remuneration of the workers in reasonable quality and quantity. The firm owns an athlete’s village in Vancouver which they funded the Millennium Development Group to build a $875 million building for the 2010 winter Olympics.

Since its formation as a private equity firm in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has wide-ranging experience and competency in valuations, private equity, and capital investment strategies. There are many core competencies of the Company. The first one is the asset-based investing where it specializes in both credit and private equity investments. The firm has a diversity of experience in owning, pricing, financing and supervising the management of both physical and monetary assets, such as real estate and principal assets. The second one involves their deep-rooted knowledge in companies they invest. It has built a team of professionals that execute investments and operational portfolios. The third core benefit is the executive management. Using its refined expertise, The Company is now assessing its structural and strategic challenges. The fourth one is their competency in corporate mergers and acquisitions which has given them a platform to negotiate with boards of directors and various stakeholders to enable them in structuring and executing investments. Lastly, it has shown considerable expertise in capital markets, which include securing low-cost capital markets.

Fortress Investment Group LLC’s Peter Briger, CEO and Philanthropist

Before his tenure at Fortress Invesment Group LLC, Peter Briger spent an educational 15 years by accumulating experience at Goldman, Sachs where he gained a keen vision of his future path in the world of finance and asset management.Peter Briger is the Principal, Co-CEO, Co-Chairman, President & Head of Credit & Real Estate Business of Fortress Investment Group LLC is a private equity firm specializing in buyout, recapitalization, and turnaround situations. Founded in 1998, Fortress Investment Group manages assets on behalf of over 1,750 institutional clients and private investors worldwide. As its Co-CEO, he oversees the company’s hedge funds, real estate funds, and private equity funds. Peter is also the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Fortress Credit Corporation.

Fortress Credit Corp provides customized financing solutions, and specializes in originating and structuring complex and difficult financing for borrowers in areas of real estate, asset based and corporate. While his duties as a principal of Fortress Investment Group require his attention, Peter Briger has altruistic endeavors in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to his extraordinary business acumen, Peter has a strong sense of philanthropy. Peter bases his charity support in the areas of the education sector, alleviation of poverty, and juvenile justice in underserved communities. He is committed to ensuring that quality of services and the access to services reach the less privileged. Peter supports companies and organizations whose focus is assisting the most at-risk demographics in needy communities.Peter Briger contributes to two important charity organizations. He has taken an active interest in being part of the leadership of Silicon Valley Council of Non-Profits.

This organization aligns with Peter’s charity interests due to their involvement in youth restorative justice programs, affordable housing concerns, and transparency in public community services. He holds a board seat on Tipping Point Community in San Francisco. Tipping Point invests in a diverse portfolio of organizations working in the areas of early childhood, education, housing and employment. They have funded unrestricted grants which allow the grantee flexibility in more effectively serving their clients. They help to fight poverty by finding and funding the most promising non-profits in the Bay Area.Peter Briger’s formal education was provided by Princeton University where he received his BA and he received his MBA from the impressive Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.


The number one in-game virtual assets sales, OPSkins, is also the leading bitcoin merchant. Having users making micro-payment across borders frequently, OPSkins is the best candidate market-size wise and in-terms of decentralised protocol demand. Although Opskins leads the centralised marketplace, there are limitations to the centralised technology thus for progression its best to have a decentralised marketplace for the virtual assets. With that, a new blockchain platform for virtual trading assets, Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), is being launched by OPSkins. WAX has a blockchain and decentralised smart contracts foundation allowing buyers and sellers trade virtual assets efficiently. It comes in to solve virtual asset markets problems: Fragmentation and Fraud.

The local and regional marketplaces using current virtual asset trading system are crippled due to security restrictions, payment process and language. The solution to this is blockchain and WAX Token is leading blockchain application to eSports. The WAX platform allows users to convert their gaming assets into tokens and immediately buy and sell the same. The tokens are a common currency thus doing away with FOREX problems in the case of different geographic. They act as stored value for getting in-game items and as smart contracts for selling, buying, trading and renting. The platform eliminates financial risks enabling buyers and sellers access a global supply of virtual goods in a decentralised market.


In centralised marketplaces, users either receive incomplete assets or suffer delivery issues. This could be solved by having intermediaries, but then again it would be costly leaving blockchain as the only solution. Blockchain Smart contracts provide market efficiencies, eliminates intermediaries and ensures delivery of goods with buyers and sellers keeping their promises.


The brains behind WAX is none others but that of Malcolm CasSelle, the president of WAX. He is a graduate of MIT with a bachelors in Computer science and a masters in the same from Stanford University. He co-founded NetNoir in 1995 and served as its CTO. He was then a senior vice president (1998-2002) at PCCW and an advisor to the CEO. From 2006-2013, Mr. CasSelle was Capital Union investment director in Hong-Kong. He was named CEO of XFire in April 2012, and since January 2013 he has served as MediaPass’s CEO. He co-founded Timeline Labs the same year and served as CEO. CasSelle was then named CTO president at tronc in February 2016. Mr. CasSelle is an entrepreneur, and since 2017 he serves as the CIO of OPSkins.


The Chainsmokers – A Successful Production Duo Turned Band

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are collectively known as The Chainsmokers, a musical sensation that dabbles in the genres of EDM, pop, and dance. Alex Pall is from New York City; Andrew Taggart is from Maine. They were introduced to each other through a mutual friend, who was also the manager of Alex Pall at the time.

Alex Pall was DJing in New York City, recently departed on by his music partner. In an interview with Interview Magazine, Pall explained that he was in an art gallery when he realized music was his entire life. Shortly after is when he was introduced to Andrew Taggart.

Taggart was in Maine going to college, but made the long drive down to New York City. Together, making music, the two of them became a world-wide sensation.

It didn’t take much effort or adjustment for Pall and Taggart to begin working efficiently together. They immediately knew that their efforts would work out. Together, they took to the studio discussing their future and popular music. They obviously concocted a perfect strategy. Since their union they have been on the Billboard Hot 100 numerous time.

Alex Pall had nothing but great things to say about Halsey to Interview Magazine.

“She’s incredible,” Pall said. “She’s a very cool and unique artist.” Pall also stated that Halsey was number one on their list of artists to work with in 2016.

Other topics of the interview include changes to their live show, where they’ll be making adjustments for Taggart’s entry into singing; Instagram, where Pall said he is able to communicate with his fans and see exactly who is listening to their music; and lives as a production team, and how it was difficult for them to become popular without a lead vocalist.

The Chainsmokers were able to become a popular act, despite their handicap, by studying the popular music and creating their own unique sound.