Campaign Organizers Buy Back Time With Distributed Canvassing

Every campaign field organizer dreads the grueling task of having to put together foot canvassing strategies, which are primarily comprised of constructing voter lists and mapping the areas of these potential voters. Needless to say, this can be viewed as both tedious and time-consuming. The cries and woes of campaign field organizers everywhere have not gone unheard. Distributed Canvassing, an ingenious app, was designed to aid in the efficiency of the turf cutting workflow process from start to finish. Thanks to the innovative minds at NGP VAN, this new product significantly shaves off the time, which previously would have been devoted to the inner workings of the otherwise arduous task known as cutting turf.


NGP VAN a Washington. D.C. based technology company, led by CEO Stu Trevelyan, is currently one of the leaders in the development and implementation of campaigning technology for democratic campaigns, as well as assisting non-profit organizations in their fundraising initiatives. From targeted emails and drip campaigns to compliance reporting and event management, NGP VAN’s desire was to create a seamless blanket of support and organization tools for the campaigns and companies it serves, that would help to condense and streamline business processes, increase efficiency, and most importantly, be cost-effective.


Introduced to the public during the Democratic National Convention in 2017, Distributed Canvassing was born out of NGP VAN’s response to feedback given, in regards to a previous campaigning app called Knock 10. Now in its beta phase, Distributed Canvassing is able to carry out the functions of its predecessor, Knock 10, which allowed campaign field organizers the ability to create voter lists, as well as corresponding maps. However, in addition to that, it presents to its user a comprehensive smorgasbord of additional features that relatively automates the campaigning process. Campaign managers and field organizers are able to fundraise, collect donations, connect with volunteers in multiple locations, maintain direct contact with voters via email and social media, as well as generate compliance reports. Already the recipient of loads of positive feedback from its beta testers; it’s truly a game changer within the campaigning and non-profit arenas.

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