Securus Technologies; the leading company in criminal justice and civil solutions

Securus Technologies is a leading American technology company based in Dallas, Texas. The firm offers criminal and civil justice solutions to law enforcement agencies in North America. Securus Technology is an accomplished company that provides best telecommunication services to the inmates. The company was established to curb the criminal problems that are on the rise in the country.


Securus Technologies Company statistics prove that the inmates have highly adopted it because of its commitment to offering affordable and reliable solutions. The company has received a lot of positive feedback. It is working towards improving prison facilities, preventing and solving crimes. Securus Technologies Company has helped in the investigations by monitoring calls and revealing information that prisoners tend to use to acquire drugs such as alcohol, issue threats and cell phones that they used to transfer drug money.


Securus Technologies was accredited A+ business review by Better Business Bureau based in Dallas. The accreditation was to allow Securus to access their services for upholding the customer integrity. To receive accreditation a company must have excelled in final stages of implementing necessary services that are important for customer service. Securus Technologies Company has remained consistent in improving various areas set by the Better Business Bureau to acquire the highest accreditation.

Richard Smith is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of Securus Technologies Company. Mr. Smith is an ambitious entrepreneur who aims at making Securus a leading company in telecommunications services, investigations, Biometric analyses, inmate self-service, and emergencies.


Securus Technologies Company has always been committed to high level of integrity when it comes to the services they offer in the telecommunication industry. The inmates can familiarize with the modern world technology while in the correctional facilities courtesy of Securus. The clients have praised the company for the excellent business solutions they have made in the industry.


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