Todd Lubar’s journey in Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Areas

Todd Lubar is a revered force to reckon with within his fields of focus which are Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, and Business. He is currently the Premier Leader at the TDL Global Ventures LLC and is also Legendary Investments’ Vice President. Todd has been in the Real Estate sector for a staggering 20 years and shows no signs of slowing down. During this period, he has been able to help buyers to live their dream of becoming homeowners. Impressively, Todd Lubar has been able to maintain a year in year out ranking among the country’s top 25 mortgage originators. His love and passion for community service along with his vast experience has led him to guide others to succeed.

Given his long tenure in the business, Todd has been involved in an array of industries such as entertainment, mortgage banking, and even construction. Todd came to discover that he wished to assist people to realize their goals upon serving for 20 years within the finance and credit space. This being his reality, he then went ahead to invent a way to remove anything standing in the way of people trying to acquire loans. Therefore, Todd came forth with an idea to create a program as well as a product that was intended to give loan seekers the relief they needed. This, in turn, would bring about the creation of the TDL Global Ventures LLC. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

The launch of Charter Funding, a subsidiary of one the largest privately owned mortgage company in America known as Magnus Corporation, assisted Todd to commence his career in mortgage banking. He later accepted the Vice President post at Charter Funding upon his exit in 2005. With the huge real estate changes in 2007, Todd decided to venture into Demolition and recycling areas. His company, Automotive Scrap metal, managed to win big contracts for the largest contractors in the country. You can visit his page.

Todd is a Syracuse University graduate in Speech Communication, and his first job straight out of college was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he served between 1995 till 1999. Usually, Todd kicks off his days by watching the news so as to keep him in tune with the current happenings in his field of focus, Real Estate. By doing this, Todd is capable of organizing himself for the day appropriately and prioritize accordingly.


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