Beneful Dog Food Commercials Are Fun To Watch Online


Purina’s Beneful dog food is widely known as being one of the world’s most popular brands of foods for dogs. This healthy brand of pet food also produces interesting promotional commercials that can be viewed online. Tonight, I had the opportunity to view a few Beneful commercials online, and I’m glad that I did so. The first Beneful commercial that I watched features a young first grade school teacher named Kim, and her little dog, Leo. Kim explains to viewers that her students love it when she brings Leo to school on Fridays.

This video shows Kim the school teacher feeding Beneful Prepared Meals to Leo, who quite obviously enjoys eating them. The video seems authentic and is fun to watch. In another Beneful commercial, a young woman named Brigitte and her cute little dog named Nugget are shown playing together and know more

Brigitte explains that Nugget has been with her since the dog was 10 weeks old. The breeder that she acquired Nugget from had been feeding Nugget Beneful dog food since he was a puppy.

According to Brigitte, Nugget still happily eats Beneful on a regular basis, and has recently discovered the joys of the beef-flavored Original formula Beneful dry dog food. These Beneful commercials seem very realistic, and are fun to watch. Seeing how much the dogs and their owners love each other is heartwarming, and you can tell that it is not just acting that is being presented

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