IAP WORLDWIDE SERVICES, INC. is a unique global services provider which has been around since 1953….and it is not planning on leaving any time soon. In fact, it is constantly pushing the bar for excellence….and always innovating and re-innovating in order to achieve the impossible beyond impossible. They are an older company, yet their tactics, growth, and success are as new as can be! They are very relevant and up to date with the times!

Just where did such a fast growing and popularly successful company begin, and what exactly are they know for? These are great questions which must constantly be asked of any great & thriving company whether great or small. The answers, of course, must fit with what makes them unique as a whole.

IAP WORLDWIDE SERVICES, INC. is a abbreviation of INGENUITY AND PURPOSE WORLDWIDE SERVICES INCORPORATED, a company that both began and continues to based in the great city of Cape Canaveral on clearancejobs.com. This great city lies with in the very heart of the wonderful state of Florida in the east coast. And as I mentioned, it is not planning to leave that area any time soon…..but only rather to expand its reach and operations.

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Why and how, you may be asking or merely wondering? Well, I will tell you. Time does tell all…..

Through continued pursuits, success, and perseverance—-as well as a lot of hard work in patience—this great company, IAP Worldwide Services has come to now operate in over 20 countries of the world. But that’s not the best part. No, not by far…..for you must see the overall success of this company as a whole, and realize that there is no ‘best part’. All parts are mutually useful and beneficial for the success of the whole….and thus, no parts are more or less good or ‘best’. For without one, the company is not the complete company. Therefore, you need all parts as a sum whole.

Do you want to know some thing else?
IAP Worldwide Services takes great pride in bringing our unique skills, expertise, and knowledge together to form a cohesive whole that’s far greater than the sum of our individual experiences. Our employees have a level of commitment to the mission that is unmatched in the industry….”

In summary, IAP WORLDWIDE SERVICES, INC. is here to stay! They were begun in Florida. They continue there, and more successfully than ever!

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Dick DeVos Impressive Resume

Dick DeVos has spent his life in the business field and over the years he has put together an impressive resume. His longest held position started in 1993, where he helped co-found the Grand Action Committee. He has been with the company for 23 years now. He also became the President of Amway in 1993 where he ran the company successfully until leaving in 2002. During his tenure the company posted large profits, reporting $4.5 billion in sales during his final year there alone. As President of Amy he was in charge of all Amway operations in over 50 countries. Before taking the position as president he served as the company’s Vice-President. After leaving Amway in 2002 he became the President of the Windquest Group, a privately owned Michigan based investment management firm. He still holds that title today. DeVos, a religious man, became the Vice-Chairman of the Willow Creek Association. The group is a collection pastors throughout the country that specializes in improving leadership skills.

In 2010 Dick DeVos added two more positions to his already incredible resume, this time in the public sector. He earned a seat on the Board of Directors with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and as the Founder and Chairman of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a high school that focuses on aviation skills for students who plan to go in the field. He remains with both groups today. DeVos also started the Education Freedom Fund, which has given out over 4,000 scholarships to students in Michigan.

He has also led several initiatives for the Grand Rapids downtown area helping raise millions of dollars in funding for a $75 million downtown arena, a $212 million convention center, a $130 million heart hospital, a $90 million medical school, and a $30 million Downtown Market. In 2006 he was a Republican candidate for Governor and is the author of New York Times best-selling book, “Rediscovering American Values“, which was published in 1997.

Reasons to Use FreedomPop

For a FreedomPop review, this mobile carrier is a cheaper option that still offers high quality services as well as products to individuals as well as to families that are located all over the world and that wish to have a high quality service without having to break the bank. This wireless internet and mobile service is a company that is based in Los Angeles. What this company offers are free data services that include free text, free voice calls, as well as free data that can work for any device whether it be a tablet, a cell phone, as well as devices that are broadband. Learn more: http://www.savingfreak.com/freedompop-review/

FreedomPop is a company that was officially founded in 2011 by Stephen Sesar and Stephen Stokols who believe that wifi and even mobile carriers are devices that should be considered a right for all to have rather than a luxury that costs a lot of money to pay on a monthly basis. Within just four years of being a company in business, FreedomPop has grown exponentially and has grown from just a national mobile carrier into an international mobile carrier that hopes to soon be available in every country all over the world. As of early 2016, this company has been made available in around 25 different countries with continuous growth for the future of the company.

What this company offers is an inexpensive alternative to paying those expensive monthly bills. For individuals that are just starting out on their own and that wish to live modestly or for families that have added their kids onto the plan, this mobile carrier presents the best possible solution to the problem. What makes this data plan so unique is the fact that FreedomPop is a company that relies heavily on wifi hot spots rather than relying on cell phone towers that can often be unreliable.

For individuals that do not live in a urban area, this particular mobile carrier may not be the best option as the only way to have service is to be near one of the ten million wifi hot spots that are located across the United States. With several international investors that have created contracts with FreedomPop, this company is excited to see hot FreedomPop continues to grow and how the company continues to thrive. More and more countries are now opening up their borders to this innovative mobile service that has been proven to be the best.

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FreedomPop Turns On Unlimited Wi-Fi Across The US For $5/Month