Right-Wing Pundits Misinterpret and Twist the Life of George Soros

When a man is as powerful as George Soros, it’s no surprise when people attack them.

In 2010, Glenn Beck’s three-part series on Soros was a smear campaign, twisting the facts of Soros’s life to make him seem nefarious, scheming, and greedy.

George Soros is of Jewish and Hungarian heritage. Born in Budapest in 1930, he had to hide from Nazis and fascists during his childhood or risk becoming a victim of the Holocaust.

Later, Soros immigrated to England by himself, fleeing the Communist dictatorship in his home country. It was there that he began to realize he had talent in the financial industry, and he took a job at age 26 on Wall Street.

It is George Soros’s financial power that has made him the target of rightwing pundits like Beck. Soros is, after all, a Wall Street hedge-fund investor and supporter of the Democrats.

Beck’s coverage of Soros, however, went further by spinning and twisting the truth. He painted Soros as an anti-Semite and a tool of the Nazis. Ironically, Beck used many of the same tropes that anti-Semites use in criticizing Jews.

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Friends of Soros and journalists who had reported on him in the past were shocked at the accusations and pointed out just how poorly Beck misread and misinterpreted Soros’s life.

The truth is this. When Beck claims that Soros was somehow implicit in the actions of Nazis in Hungary by lying about his identity, he ignores the fact that lying, bribery, and forgery were sometimes the only ways to survive the horrors of the Holocaust.

When Beck claims that George Soros is capable of taking down governments and has in the past, he ignores that Soros took down Communist dictatorships through creating Open Society offices to spread information freely.

But because he also funds liberal candidates such as John Kerry and Barack Obama, it is likely the smear campaigns by right-wing pundits like Beck will continue.

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